Make-up fan left stunned as they realise Aldi's Naked palette dupe is 'identical' to the original | The Sun

THEY'RE known for their incredible dupes.

But one make-up fan has been left stunned after discovering that one Aldi palette is more than a little similar to the designer original.

Taking to TikTok, Matthew explained that he'd come across a picture someone had posted on Facebook, of the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette and the Lacura Naturals Nectar palette side by side.

"So this is something I've been saying – that everything in the aisle of shame, the middle aisle, all the Aldi find products, generally are name brand products that are just rebranded for Aldi," he said.

"Somebody took this and posted it on one of the Facebook group.

"This is the Naked palette, it's called Naked Honey, side by side with the Lacura eyeshadow palette that they put out for Christmas."

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Other than the sections on the £5.99 Lacura palette being slightly smaller than those in the £46.99 Naked one, they were "identical".

"So I guess if you were ever wondering about where the middle aisle stuff comes from, generally it comes from name brands – it's just marketed differently," he concluded.

"The more you know…"

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "Hi used to work corporate for aldi.

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"I can’t violate my NDA but I can tell u that MANY of their products are manufactured by the National brand."

"Hi Aldi manager here- this is correct. Even down to food- same manufacturers," another added.

"I have both," someone else commented.

"Both are beautiful colours with gorgeous pigment. It’s wild!"

But not everyone was convinced, with one writing: "I bought one of these Aldi palettes.

"I wanted to love it but it was horrendous. Patchy swatches and felt more like kids make-up, sadly."

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