Man who proclaims he’s the ‘hot dad’ on the school run gets utterly rinsed by mums who say they’re embarrassed for him | The Sun

A MAN found himself on the receiving end of a grilling after he declared himself “the hot dad on the school run.”

TikTok user Rob, whose social media profile is @warfordd, shared a tongue-in-cheek post – but mums didn’t see the funny side. 

Rob recorded a video of himself posing for the camera where he gave himself the title.

He later joked in the caption: “Some of you mummas be thirsty.”

But Rob – who has said he’s been told he’s a mix of football legend to David Beckham and Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth – wasn’t prepared for the backlash.

Soon, other parents took to the comment section to have their say – and totally rinsed Rob.

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Not only did they say they were suffering from “second hand embarrassment” from his post, but others went one step further. 

One person wrote: “As a school run mum, I’m sorry to say we’re not looking.

“We’ve got at least five other things running through our minds when dropping the kids off.”

A second was in agreement as they said: “LOL. The school run is the last place anyone looks.

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“After wrestling kids out of the door, all we want to do is sling them through the gates and go to work.” 

A third added: “Some of you mummas be thirsty”…yeah for a hot tea and some peace and quiet!”

While a fourth commented: “Behave! We want the dads in work uniform and the dad bob.” 

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Meanwhile, others said Rob hadn’t thought through his post and that it had majorly backfired and made him look silly. 

Another wrote: “Awkward when the mums talking about this at school whilst cringing.” As someone else pointed out: “All the mums making fun of him is giving me life.”

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