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DITCHING the dummy can be stressful for parents but one clever mum has a hack to help your toddlers move on.

Mum influencer Lisa Flom, better known on TikTok as @ljflommom, shared her hack – which she discovered after having two children of her own.

Sadly, it's got some people frothing at the mouth.

Flom included the tip as part of her ‘Things I wish I knew as a first time mom’ – which has gone viral among newbie parents.

Unsurprisingly, the hack has rapidly gained over 30 million clips on the social media app.

Whilst newbie mums are inundated with advice, the influencer claims this tip will save you hours of tearful tantrums.

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In the short clip, the mum-of-two take a pair of scissors to the dummy and cut a neat triangle out of the rubber teat.

She then passes the pacifier to her toddler, who soon discovers that it doesn’t have quite the same bite as before.

Disappointed by the dummy, the little one looks at their once treasured possession before lobbing it across the room in a hilarious moment.

Whilst we doubt it would be that simple, this parenting trick could reduce the amount of teething problems you have with your toddler.

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In the comments, many parent gushed about the 'genius'hack and shared their own experiences of trying to getting their kids give up their dummy.

One user wrote: “That’s exactly how I did it with both my sons at 15 months old. Takes about a week for them to forget about it.”

Another added: “…worked for me! I tried forever to have my son give up paci and I cut it and he looked at it and never asked for it again.”

Of course, all children are different and some parents reported that their little ones were left looking down in mouth after they tried the hack.

“Hasn’t worked for my 2 year old…,” explained one exhausted mum, who added: “…she’s just has been crying all day for awhile cuz it was ripped.”

Some even had to resort to other tactics with their toddlers, including one parent who got their son to ‘give away’ their dummy to ‘Santa’s little babies’ in exchange for a present.  

Others were concerned about the possible safety issues as the dummy had sharp corners where it had been cut.

“…cutting pacifiers turns them into a choking hazard,” complained a concern parent after seeing the viral TikTok hack.

In fact, Child Accident Prevention Trust has advised against weening children in this way.

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Speaking to Fabulous, CEO Katrina Phillips warn parents: “Dummies from responsible retailers need to be made to strict safety standards. Giving a child a cut dummy poses a serious choking risk. It’s not advisable.”

Guess you'll have to find another way to get your kids to give up the dummy.

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