My landlord is charging me £16 to do my laundry every week – I still have to wring my clothes dry, I'm livid | The Sun

CONFESSION time: we're the person who will wear every single thing in our wardrobe (twice) if it means we don't have to do a load of laundry.

But while our hatred of this household chore comes from a place of pure laziness, TikTok user Amanda has more reason than most to put off this mind-numbingly boring task.

Earlier this month, the pastry chef went viral when she posted a video all about the new washing machine and dryers in her apartment building.

When her landlord told her that they were swapping the old coin-operated machines for ones that would take cards, Amanda was pretty chuffed with the news – as it would save her an annoying trip to the bank every week.

However when she actually used the new appliances for the first time, Amanda was in for a nasty shock.

She claimed in a viral video: "[When I went down there], they were either all unplugged or didn't have a form of payment to enter which is the only way to start the machine."

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Needless to say, the 22-year-old was absolutely fuming and sent an email to her landlord asking why they'd raised her rent by a $100 [£81] .

She was then reassured that they'd be working the following day.

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When she finally was able to do a load eight days after the original date, Amanda noticed that the price of a washing spin had gone up by 95 cents to $2.95.

But after checking her bank balance later that day, Amanda claims she was charged $20 [£16] for using the washer and dryer.

Adding insult to injury, she said the washer was so bad that she had to wring her clothes herself.

She continued: "So I called my building manager again and again and I'm like, 'What the f*** is going on?'"

Instead of sorting it themselves, the landlord simply told Amanda to email someone else to "see what they can do".

"You are quite literally and actively stealing from me," Amanda said. "What you can do is give me my money back."

One viewer replied: "Time to call the bank and have them reverse that fraudulent charge."

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Another suggested: "Take it out of the next rent payment."

"I feel this pain so much," a third wrote.

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