My two-ingredient DIY hack will deodorize your trash can and keep maggots away using items you already own | The Sun

A CLEANING influencer shared a simple hack for keeping maggots from your trash can.

The content creator showed their followers the two household ingredients needed for the DIY trick.

TikTok user Carl (@carlfba) shared a clip demonstrating the easy cleaning method.

After scrubbing out your garbage cans, the older woman in the video described how to keep them smelling clean and free of bugs.

She explained that her mother has been using the hack successfully for years.

"My mom cleaned her garbage cans so she’s putting some bread in there," the influencer told viewers.

The cleaning enthusiast clarified that the bread slices had been soaked in vinegar beforehand.

"It repels maggots and flies so put it in your garbage cans," she advised.

Then you simply need to place your garbage bags on top of the bread slice.

Other TikTokers have been sharing the same garbage can hack with their followers.

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Another cleaning influencer recommended doing the trick once a week.

One TikTok user shared her $2 solution for tackling ant invasions in your kitchen.

Another content creator showed her followers how to repel flies using household items.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hack.

"Thank you, I'm gonna try that. My thanks to your mom,' wrote one viewer.

Another impressed follower commented: "This is interesting!"

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