No-one can believe I’m 56, my best anti-aging secret has nothing to do with skincare | The Sun

FROM fine lines to sagging skin, aging has been a dreadful topic for many over 50.

One woman shared her best defense in the fight against the clock and it doesn't require expensive skincare products.

Shy Lovell is a physician's assistant boasting over 65k followers on TikTok and 64k followers on Instagram.

She took to TikTok to tell viewers how she's proud of her chiselled physique and taut skin at 56-years-old.

"Now this is what 56 is supposed to look like!" she wrote over a video of herself on a night out.

"56 and killin' it!" she wrote in the caption. "I was told I should start posting my clients on here."


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Lovell's secret to her jaw-dropping youthful looks is a curated fitness and nutrition regimen.

As a gym owner and fitness coach, she teaches other women how to stay trim and fresh-faced.

Viewers rushed to express their disbelief at her true age.

"50 where?!" one commenter wrote.

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"Nah I don't believe that," another wrote.

"56???" another questioned. "Madam you look no older than 30."

The New Jersey-based beauty shared her anti-aging fitness tips including weight training and cardio.

"Cardio and sprinting will actually help promote muscle growth," she advised. "Lifting is a must ladies."

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Lovell's claims are far from gimmicky as they are backed by experts in the field.

A study by the National Institute on Aging revealed that strength training has many anti-aging benefits including, "maintaining muscle mass, improving mobility, and increasing the healthy years of life."

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