People are just realizing how 'gross' hotel bathtubs are – and the staggering percentage that contain fecal matter | The Sun

HOTELS have been criticized in the past for their lack of cleanliness – but have you ever thought about how dirty the bathtubs are?

TikTokers are freaking out about the disgusting bathtubs and a shocking statistic.

A study revealed that around 81 per cent of hotel surfaces sampled had fecal matter on them.

Many vacationers refuse to take a bath in hotel showers, but some have begun to clean the bathrooms.

One TikTok user filmed herself bleaching and scrubbing her tub before she "even laid a finger on it".

But some users are taking matters into their own hands, and using what they call "tub condoms".

One TikToker filmed her first time using the bath liner, and gave it a rave review.

Maddie said: "A life saver for hotel bathrooms & rentals!!"

One of her followers loved the idea, and said: "I would definitely try this. Who is bringing bleach and a scrub brush to a hotel with them… not I!"

One study said hotel bathrooms aren't all that bad, even if they look disgusting.

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But microbiologist Philip M. Tierno told a reporter that even if the tub looks clean, there's a hidden layer of germs called biofilm.

He describes biofilm as "a nearly undetectable layer of bacteria that sticks to tubs and other surfaces.

Erica Hartmann, an Associate Professor at Northwestern University said: “When you first get into a hotel room, there are probably microbes left over from the last guest to stay there."

But hotel-goer Maddy Mooney told The Daily Beast that she swears by the bathtub liners to stay clean while on vacation.

She said: “When you think about it, the water’s clean, so you just need something to cover the bottom and sides of the bathtub."

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