Toni Collette and Odessa Young Will Be Pitted Against Each Other in The Prima Donna

The two actresses who previously worked together on HBO series ‘The Staircase’ will reunite for a new revenge thriller, playing two beefing opera singers.

AceShowbizToni Collette and Odessa Young are signed on for the revenge thriller “The Prima Donna“. The pair are set to star in writer and director Nathan Silver’s movie about two feuding opera singers and the lengths that the pair will go to for the limelight.

Set in Rome, the film centres on legendary opera diva Livia Angelli (Collette), who is preparing to step into the role of a lifetime just as her estranged daughter Mimi (Young) shows up on her doorstep having got out of rehab. Mimi is an aspiring opera singer herself and asks her mother for the chance to be her understudy. However, she looks to exact the ultimate revenge when her request is callously dismissed.

The movie has been written by Silver together with C. Mason Wells and is due to begin shooting this summer in the Italian capital. The project reunites Collette and Young after they previously collaborated on the acclaimed HBO series “The Staircase“.

Odessa previously starred in the movie “Mothering Sunday” and revealed that she was comfortable with the nudity required in the romantic drama as she treats her body like a “costume.” The 25-year-old actress said, “No, there wasn’t a body double.”

“It’s probably not so romantic for me to reveal this, but I could do it because I treated my body like a costume. I enjoy the challenge of those moments where you don’t have to rely on written action or written dialogue.”

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