People are only just realising the hidden use of the lid on sealed liquid products…and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to social media after discovering the hidden use of the lid on sealed liquid bottles – and people can't believe they didn't realise sooner.

Miranda O'Blenis, who posts under the acronym @plussizeincanada, took to TikTok and shared a video which she captioned: "This totally blows my mind!!!"

In the clip, she begins: "Recently I've seen the most amazing life hack that's completely blown my mind.

"It's also blown the mind of anyone that I've shown it to…"

Holding up a hand sanitiser bottle before pointing to the sealed film that stops the liquid from leaking out, she explains: "This little cap. Do you use your teeth? That's not very hygienic, is it?

"Do you peel it off and risk breaking a nail or chipping your nail polish?"


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Sharing her recent discovery, she continues: "Open the lid up and use the cover right here – that little pointy part, you stick it on top of your sanitiser or whatever package you're trying to open with one of these little doohickey things."

Push down and you've got yourself a hole. Put the cover back on and you're ready to sanitise – rock and roll!"

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She adds: "So easy, stress free, doesn't chip the nails or get unhygienic in your mouth."

The post has since racked up thousands of views and been flooded with comments from social media users – with many admitting they too, were unaware of the hidden use.

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"Who knew! Thank you!!!!" enthused one.

A second praised: "Smart!!!! Now just try and remember it!! Lol."

A third penned: "I do this all the time with liquid coffee creamer! Works great!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "No way! I can't believe it's that simple and yet it would have NEVER occurred to me! Thanks for sharing darlin'!"

Another wrote: "How am I over 30 and just learned this."

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A further quipped: "Omg thank you! Best hack I’ve seen yet."

And one more social media added: "Brilliant!! Mind blown!"

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