Queen Elizabeth II: 70 years of style – thoughtful purpose behind everything she wears

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The Queen has made just one official appearance so far throughout her Platinum Jubilee weekend, and that was at Thursday’s Trooping the Colour. But there are so many great outfits worn by Her Majesty over the last 70 years. Daena Borrowman, the Marketing Manager at jewellerybox has commented exclusively to Express.co.uk to offer her analysis.

She said: “There is a thoughtful purpose behind everything the Queen wears. Her bright and colourful clothing serves a key purpose for the five-foot three-inch monarch.

“Her Majesty preaches the philosophy that a royal needs to be seen to be believed, especially during her public appearances, which are generally packed with well-wishers.

“She embraces vibrant and eye-catching colours to stand out in a crowd as she feels it’s essential to be visible to everyone that took the trouble to come to see her, even people standing at the back of a crowd,” the expert claimed.

What are some accessories the Queen always has with her outfit?

Daena continued: “The Queen can always be seen wearing a black Launer handbag to carry some small items around with her, such as a fountain pen, a metal makeup case and £5 or £10 for church collections or charity donations.

“Her handbags or clutches also serve as a handy social tool. For example, if she places her handbag on the table at dinner, staff are to assume she wants it to end in the next five minutes.

“Though she always holds her handbag in her left hand so their right hand is free to wave at the public or greet people, she may either place it on the floor or switch her handbag from her left arm to her right arm, to signal to her staff that she’s ready to move along from the conversation she’s having,” the expert suggested.

Why does the Queen always wear gloves?

Daena explained: “Furthermore, people often wonder why the Queen can always be seen wearing gloves, and the simple answer is that due to her royal duties and the fact she shakes many hands, she needs to reduce her exposure to germs and keep herself protected.

“The Queen also wears brooches to all her outings. For example, the more important the event, such as attending a funeral or wedding, the more important, and value or meaning the brooch will have.

“While attending foreign tours or receiving foreign dignitaries, she makes it a point to wear a brooch gifted to her by that country as a diplomatic gesture to honour the friendship.”

What are some basic fashion rules the Queen always follows?

Daena said: “The Queen has long favoured nude shades of nail paint over bright or dark nail paint. A firm favourite of the Queen’s is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’.

“One must remember that the Queen is not a celebrity and therefore she doesn’t need to dress to impress. She has constantly been on the move and her clothes reflect this.

“Every royal outfit must be practical and functional so the nonagenarian Queen can engage freely and be comfortable in unpredictable conditions.

“But she is far from unfashionable. Instead of following fashion trends, the Queen creates her own.

“For example, colour blocking outfits is a high fashion trend that the Queen has been a huge part of.”

What is the Queen’s style like when “she is off duty”?

Daena commented: “There is a more laid back side to the Queen’s style that can be observed when she is off duty.

“The Windsors have been a horse-loving family for hundreds of years and love nothing more than to spend quality time amongst their beloved horses in their country estates.

“While the Queen can mesmerise one and all when she dons glamorous gowns and priceless jewels, she appears most relaxed in her signature off duty style, consisting of a comfortable cashmere sweater with a tartan skirt, wellies or stout shoes and a Barbour.

“She has a trusted entourage of dressers including Angela Kelly, who make sure she always looks and feels her best.”

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