Royal fans say the same thing about Meghan Markle after cute video of Prince Louis singing National Anthem goes viral

AN ADORABLE video of Prince Louis singing the National Anthem has sparked an unlikely comparison online – with Meghan Markle.

Royal fans of the Cambridges clashed with defenders of Sussexes online yesterday, after Prince Louis sang the National Anthem on the Buckingham Palace balcony to round up the Jubilee weekend celebrations.

Brits cooed over little Louis' sweet singing as he concentrated on the words – but some royalists were quick to remember one of Meghan's comments from her interview with Oprah.

The Duchess of Sussex admitted in 2021 that she hadn't known the National Anthem before she married Harry.

She also added that she had googled the lyrics last minute to avoid "embarrassing" the rest of the royal family.

The admission was not surprising, as Meghan was born and raised in the United States with no need to know the UK's patriotic song before her life as a royal.

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But fierce royalists online jumped to the comparison of the 40-year-old American and the 4-year-old British tot who's lived his whole life in the royal spotlight.

Twitter users relished in the fact that Prince Louis knew all – or at least the majority – of the words to the National Anthem, when Meghan had not known the lyrics at all.

One Tweet replied to a video of Louis' cheeky behaviour.

The Tweeter said: "Yet he stood on the balcony upright and sang every single word of the anthem. Perfectly still upright and poised.

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"Meghan didn’t know the words , said they were hard and didn’t try so she mouthed wrong words.

"I’d say 4yo Louis is more intelligent and composed than 40yo duchess."

Another joked; "What is the difference between 4-year-old Prince Louis and 40-year-old Meghan Markle?

"Prince Louis knows how to sing the UK national anthem."

A third commented: "Louis at 4 knows how to sing the Anthem. Meghan, well you know she had no idea what that was."

While another said: "Do you also know a four years prince Louis can sing the national Anthem, but an American actress, graduate or international relation, wife of the sparse, prince Harry can't sing the national anthem, and she claimed to modernize the monarch."

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But others defending Meghan, commenting: "Meghan has nothing to do with it."

Fans tweeted about Meghan's composure throughout her trip to the UK.

One such Tweet read: "The country's press used every opportunity to sling mud at this woman, & she still showed up & DAZZLED.

"In what must feel like a pressure cooker for her, Meghan was more at ease than some who the media regularly uplifts.

"Poise, elegance & grace personified, The Duchess of Sussex."

Another posted a picture of her and said: "For as long as I live, I will love Meghan Markle for being able to return to England & continuously smile into the faces of the people who have hurt her the most."

Someone else added, "Meghan Markle is literally grace personified", while another said, "What Meghan Markle did today was stunningly brave and classy, and that's all I'm going to say."

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