Savvy mum shows nifty way she dries washing without using the tumble dryer – but some aren’t convinced | The Sun

ARE you looking for ways to get your washing dry in just a few hours, without having to switch the tumble dryer on? 

One savvy mum has shared her simple trick to getting the job done quickly and efficiently, as she urged others to follow in her footsteps.

The woman uploaded a snap to the Facebook group FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS, showing her nifty way of drying in bulk.

In it, her big load of washing can be seen air drying on a rack in a small bathroom, with a dehumidifier helping the process along. 

She explained alongside the photo: “A pretty niche tip, as you have to have a downstairs toilet or small space/unused under stairs cupboard + a dehumidifier.

“But I think I’ve cracked drying washing in this damp house!!”

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She went on to say: “We barely use our downstairs toilet as it clogs all the time, and didn’t want to keep drying washing in our bedrooms with the dehumidifier as it was taking ages.

“But it’s SO quick in this tiny room!! 

“An entire load all crammed onto one rack dries in a couple of hours! 

“I just run an extension lead under the door to the nearest plug point for the dehumidifier.”

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As soon as the lady shared her clever trick, other members of the Facebook group were quick to comment on her technique. 

And not everyone was convinced it was the game changer she thought it was – due to the proximity of the dehumidifier. 

One wrote: “That dehumidifier is far too close to your clothes…”

A second said: “With my dehumidifier you need at least 30cm clearance at the back. Might be worth checking.”

While a third added their own warning, as they commented: “My dehumidifier blew our fuses last night.

“I think I hadn’t left enough space around it, but there was a lot more space than this.”

They added: “Please be careful.”

However, others said they’d definitely be giving it a try in their bathroom with the adjustments and thanked her for the tip. 

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One wrote: “Love this! Thanks for sharing.”

Another added: “This is great  make sure the toilet lid is down otherwise the dehumidifier will draw water from the loo!”

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