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IT is no secret that The Queen had a number of different subtle signals to communicate with her staff when in public.

A man who worked for the Queen as a royal footman for eight years has revealed her secret signal using a lipstick.

Speaking on a special episode of Antiques Roadshow, dedicated to "celebrate the reign and long life of Her Majesty the Queen," Ian Scott Hunter shared the Queen's signal to her aides when she was ready to leave an event.

The Queen would sometimes be seen applying a bright-coloured lipstick while in public- and it seems that there was often a hidden reason behind it.

The former royal footman explained: "I believe there’s etiquette that ladies do not make their faces up in public.

"But, she had her bag over the side and she would take her lipstick out and put it on with no mirror or anything, and that was a signal to the ladies that she was ready to leave.


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"So, of course, they would all get their bits and bobs together and Her Majesty stands up, so they’re all ready and prepared."

Her Majesty was also thought to be using her handbag as a way to send signals to her aides.

It comes as…

  • William & Harry could walk side by side behind the Queen’s coffin at her funeral
  • Princess Anne curtsied to her beloved mum as Her Majesty's coffin left Balmoral for the final time
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Shifting her bag from her usual left side onto the right meant she was ready to end a chat with someone.

According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, the Queen would also place her handbag on a table giving her aides afive-minute warning that she will soon be off.

It comes as details of The Queen's final journey have been revealed.

The Queen’s oak coffin, draped in the Royal Standard of ­Scotland with a wreath of ­flowers placed on top, spent last night in the Throne Room of Holyroodhouse.

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