'This cannot be the same tree right?' Shopper mortified after spending £28 on Xmas tree online & people are in hysterics | The Sun

A WOMAN has proved why you should never trust the advertisements you see online after her £28 Christmas tree turned out to be a fail.

Shopping online has its benefits – you're spoilt for choice and retailers will often offer cheaper bargain deals compared to the high street.

However, as one woman, Morgan Walker, learnt the hard way, things don't always go to plan and you can be left with a disappointment arriving on your doorstep.

Morgan, mum to Ella, Beckham and Ollie, had decided to treat her daughter to a cute artificial Christmas tree she had spotted on Amazon.

As she later revealed in a video posted on TikTok, the adorable princess-like faux fir was supposed to come with a sparkly reindeer, pink baubles, as well as the main element – larger feathers all over it.

But when the package arrived, the mum-of-three couldn't have been any more disappointed with the £28 buy.

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The 60cm festive tree, which had been described as ''luxury'' on the retailer's site, was a ''total fail'', she said in the clip.

Although the fir was indeed pink and come with the decorations, that was the only thing remotely close to the advertisement online.

Unlike the stunning and chic feathers featured in the advertisement snap, the actual feathers was a far cry from her expectations.

''I thought I'd ordered a little pink feather Christmas tree for Ella's room… This is definitely not the vibe I was going for.

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''This cannot be the same tree right?'' the Amazon customer went on in the caption.

Urging others to be more careful when ordering online, the mum said you'd probably be able to find better trees elsewhere, such as Walmart.

Since being shared o the platform, where Morgan posts under the username @itsmorganwalker, the clip has won her close to a whopping 170k views.

Needless to say, the festive disaster has left people in hysterics, with some racing to comments.

One said: ''Wait ….it's a mini pink Charlie Brown tree just needs some love.''

Another was in stitches, writing: ''That’s hysterical''

''Aww it’s still very cute,'' a TikTok user chimed in.

But whilst Morgan may have been anything but impressed with her Amazon order, not everyone thought it was a flop – and some even said they'd consider buying the same product.

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''I’ve been trying to find one like this,'' wrote a Christmas super fan.

''I mean you got what you wanted, the looks don’t come with it,'' penned another who thought the parent only had herself to blame.

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