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ISHOWSPEED defeated KSI after the YouTube star tapped out during the fourth round of an epic sparring match in London last night.

KSI dropped his opponent multiple times during the fight with brutal shots to the body and was in complete control.

However, JJ bizarrely tapped out at the end of the fourth round to hand Speed the win despite the American wanting to carry on for the final two rounds.

After KSI refused to continue, Speed was left in tears and stormed out of the gym in disappointment.

  • Result: IShowSpeed def. KSI
  • Live stream: IShowSpeed's official YouTube channel
  • Jake Paul vs Andre August LIVE


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  • By Alex Smith

    'He fought today?'

    KSI was in no mood to discuss Jake Paul's knockout win over Andre August last night.

    While the Brit was leaving his charity showdown with Speed, KSI was asked if he had seen the Problem Child's epic first round punch.

    KSI replied: "Uh… he fought today?"

  • By Alex Smith

    Paul vs Riley?

    Jake Paul revealed in his post-fight press conference that he is open to the idea of fighting Viddal Riley.

    Riley is a British born fighter, who used to train KSI before pursuing his own career in boxing.

    The 26-year-old was in KSI’s team when he beat Jake’s brother Logan in 2019.

    On the possibility of fighting Riley, Jake said: “Yeah for sure that could happen, that would be interesting.

    “He has a name, a profile, and that is something that excites me for sure.

    “As I go down this path I am going to continue to challenge myself and some of those names start popping into the equation.”

  • By Alex Smith

    Riley slams bout

    KSI's former trainer Viddal Riley has hit out at his charity clash with Speed.

    He tweeted: "At least that spar was for a good cause because that was the only good part about it."

  • By Alex Smith

    Speed upset at early stop

    Speed was not happy with KSI as he decided to tap out after being schooled for just four of the six rounds they agreed on.

    KSI laughed as he left the ring and claimed the next two rounds could be done another time.

    But Speed hit back, shouting: "Stop being a b***h bro.

    "Come over, we said six rounds, why are you leaving?

    "It's not over, I'm not done, I'm not playing, you said six rounds."

    Speed then paced up and down the ring several times.

  • By Alex Smith

    Toying with him

    KSI was seen dancing in the ring, letting himself be punched and even shouting for "more" from Speed before he left the ring after just four rounds.

  • By Alex Smith

    'No elbows'

    Despite being battered and bruised, Speed made a hilarious dig at KSI mid-fight.

    In a bout back in May, KSI controversially knocked out Joe Fournier with what appeared to be his elbow.

    It led to Speed shouting "no elbows okay" at him.

    KSI laughed it off and said, "no, no, I won't."

  • By Alex Smith

    Fans react

    Social media was left in hysterics as KSI wiped the floor with Speed before he surprisingly tapped out in the fourth round.

    One fan said: "KSI was straight up bullying Speed bro."

    Another added: "Had Speed scared."

    A third commented: "Speed was suffering."

  • By Alex Smith

    In a rush

    After the sparring session, it appeared a disappointed Speed was in a hurry to leave.

    When approached by interviewer Fred Talks Fighting, he replied: "Get away from me, before I beat yo white a**."

  • By Matt Penn

    KSI dances in the ring

    KSI even took time to have a little dance in the ring while Speed was down for the count at one point…

  • By Matt Penn

    What's next for KSI?

    Fans will naturally want to see the YouTube mogul take on Jake Paul but KSI has previously said he wants to take a bit of a break.

    Paul has already spoken about potentially fighting KSI's former trainer Viddal Riley.

    Riley is a pro boxer himself and is signed to Anthony Joshua's management company.

    KSI may instead go down the route of a Tommy Fury rematch.

  • By Jack Figg

    Another one

    Adding salt to the wounds, KSI slammed Jake Paul after his win over Andre August.

    He said: "I mean, am I shocked? No. We all know that Jake just look for super easy fights and he fought a cab driver this time.

    "It is what it is. I don't really care about him, I didn't even know he was fighting the same time as me."

  • By Jack Figg

    KSI takes a dig

    He looked to have taken a swipe at Jake Paul, who was fighting Andre August at the same time as the spar.

    KSI told Fred Talks Fighting: "I think it was definitely the event of the night. I think there was a lot of boxing fights happening at around the same time.

    "But I'm pretty sure there were more watching ours than anyone else's."

  • By Jack Figg

    Jake Paul speaks out

    He was asked about the spar following his KO over Andre August.

    Paul said: "I don't care it's just two different things, right? He's chasing views as a 30-year-old man and I'm chasing legacy and belts.

    "All kudos to him, I hope he makes his wildest dreams come true."

  • By Jack Figg

    KSI speaks out

    The YouTube star has spoken out for the first time since the spar and laughed at the fact Speed refused to shake his hands.

    KSI tweeted: "Can’t lie, I’m proud of speed. He got HEART!"

  • By Jack Figg


    Jake Paul defeated Andre August with a stunning first-round KO.

    A right uppercut left August out for the count and Paul is now 8-1 in his boxing career.

    Credit: Reuters
  • By Connor Greaves


    Speed is visibly upset as he wanted to continue for the remaining two rounds of the spar but KSI left the ring after dropping his opponent multiple times.

    JJ 'tapped out' in the fourth round and handed the win to Speed.

  • By Connor Greaves

    Round 4

    KSI continues to taunt Speed by dancing in the ring.

    The American looks visibly hurt after receiving multiple brutal blows to the body.

    Speed grew back into the fight at the end of the round with a flurry of punches to KSI's midsection.

  • By Connor Greaves

    Round 3

    Speed starting to grow into the fight and throw more punches at KSI.

    JJ constantly taunts his opponent and DOWNS Speed for the second time.

  • By Connor Greaves

    Round 2

    KSI starting to show his ring experience and dominate the spar.

    Speed holding strong despite taking multiple shots to the body.

  • By Connor Greaves

    Round 1

    KSI DOWNS IShowSpeed with a brutal blow to the body.

    The first huge hit to land in the fight so far and Speed is saved by the bell.

  • By Connor Greaves

    Fight underway!

    KSI and IShowSpeed are all set!

  • By Jack Figg

    Trash talking

    The two are now trading words and Speed is getting more and more annoyed.

    "I will be breaking him goodbye Speed," KSI says.

  • By Jack Figg

    Almost there

    Despite being advertised as a 4am start, it looks as though things might kick off early.

    Jake Paul has just walked out for his fight with Andre August and it looks as though KSI will try and tie the spar in for the same time.

  • By Jack Figg

    On guard

    Speed takes off his head guard because he doesn't like the fit!

    KSI finds it "jokes" but Speed isn't laughing.

  • By Jack Figg

    Ring it in

    KSI is seen in the ring warming up, he's already got all his boxing gear on.

    Speed is on the outside of the ring taking his time.

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