'What the hell is going on?' Mrs Hinch rages after being mum-shamed by trolls for buying son Lennie a doll and pram | The Sun

MRS Hinch has hit back at cruel trolls who mum-shamed her for buying her son a doll and pram for Christmas.

The cleaning whizz, 33, who is mum to sons Ronnie, four, and Lennie, two, took to Instagram to share that she bought Lennie a doll, a pram and cot for Christmas.

However, she was left "speechless" when a social media user sent her a direct message implying that getting her son a doll will prevent him from being a "strong and masculine man."

The cleaning sensation shared the message with her followers, which read: "Incredibly disappointing at the virtue signalling.

"I always followed you and liked your posts but now you've decided to jump on the woke train, whether you meant it or not…!

"PS your husband should step in and defend his sons honour and tell you he's a boy.



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"We need strong boys to grow up and be strong and masculine men!

"That's not toxic, it's how healthy and functioning societies are built."

A baffled and shocked Mrs Hinch replied: "Side note… but what the actual hell is this message?? Because I have bought my son a doll and a pram?

"Is it me or what the hell is actually going on nowadays!

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"I must be on a different planet!!!"

Still furious from the message, she then recorded a clip of herself voicing how she really feels.

"Guys, like what do you even say to a message like that? Like I haven't replied but do you know when you just get some messages and you think 'what the hell,' like what!" she said.

"I bought my son a doll, a pram and a cot because he loves dollies. He loves putting them to bed, he loves pushing the pram.

"I didn't think anything of it and then I get that sort of grief.

"But yeah no words, no blooming words."

It's not the first time Mrs Hinch has hit back at trolls who cruelly criticised her son for loving playing with dolls houses.

In 2021, she explained how her other son Ronnie’s nursery said it is his favourite toy to play with, so she decided to buy one for him at home.

After sharing clips of the mini playhouse she bought online, Mrs Hinch wrote: “I think I’ve finally collected everything I need to start project doll’s house tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to share it with you all.”

However, not everyone was supportive of her letting her son play with a dolls house.

Sophie shared an inbox message she received, which said: “Dolls house? Why is Ronnie playing with a dolls house?”

She hit back at the cruel message saying: “Well this has p***ed me off if I’m being honest with you.

“I don’t know why children are pigeon-holed on what to play with. If Ronnie wants to play with a dolls house, he will play with a dolls house.

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“Stupid person.”

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