Three-ingredient recipe makes 'thick and creamy' Baileys ice cream that 'goes so well with mince pies' | The Sun

IT can be hard to narrow down what dessert you're having on Christmas Day.

But one foodie has eliminated that choice altogether with her three-ingredient Baileys ice cream recipe.

BB took to her Instagram page to share the simple recipe, which requires 60ml Irish cream, one can of condensed milk and 450ml double cream.

Wait till you find out the best bit.

"Yes, you read that right," BB began her recipe.

"You only need three ingredients and you don't need an ice cream machine to make it!"

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She started by whipping up her double cream until it had formed soft peaks, and then adding in the condensed milk.

She then added in the Baileys, admitting she's gone for "fake Baileys", but you can use the real stuff if you can afford it.

"60ml worth I would say but, you know, it's Christmas so…" she grinned as she added in the generous slug of Irish cream.

She then gave the mixture a stir, before using a whisk to try and get as many lumps out as possible.

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"Don't worry if you can't get rid of all of the lumps," she added.

Once that was done, she added the mixture into a freezable container and popped it in the freezer overnight.

Showing herself scooping out some of the ice cream the next day, BB concluded: "It's thick, creamy and goes so well with a mince pie."

And people were quick to praise BB for the recipe, with one writing: "Oooh, saving this!"

"Thanks for the amazing recipe," another added.

BB regularly posts incredible recipes on her social media pages, and recently hit back at the trend of making "single serve desserts" as she made an apple crumble and insisted she's all about "economies of scale".

She said she would rather make an apple crumble on the Sunday and have some throughout the week whenever she wanted it.

And, if she grew bored of it, she could freeze it.

"If I make a crumble on a Sunday it's lucky to make it beyond breakfast Monday," one person admitted in the comments section.

As another added: "Bless your optimism.

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"A big batch dessert lasts exactly as long as a single serve dessert in this house.

"As it should!"

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