We shed more hair in the winter – it's actually a good thing but my tips will make sure huge clumps don't fall out | The Sun

A HAIR expert has revealed the key ways to stop your hair from excessively shedding during the winter.

A hair and scalp expert recently confirmed that while our hair sheds more in the winter, there are things people could do to minimize it.

When dealing with the winter weather, Vanesa (@vanesashairtok) reveals one of the first things people need to do is prioritize their scalp.

"If your scalp is inflamed or plugged up with product it's not going to be able to get moisture" she explained in her video.

"So you're just going to shed out all of that dead hair because your follicles are not going to be holding it in, anchored properly, and it's not going to get the moisture to you."

Next, she lets her followers know that it is best to use hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and oil treatments.

"That's going to make sure all the moisture and PH are balanced on your scalp, so your body will just naturally shed the hair that it needs to," Vanesa said.

Prioritizing hydration will stop you from losing large amounts of hair that is knotted and dry.

However, she clarified that natural hair shedding is nothing to be afraid of.

"It's ok to shed some [hair] and it should happen because that's a healthy cycle for your hair. But if you're losing too much or it's happening consistently that means you've got an unhealthy scalp," she explained.

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If you are having a hard time figuring out what products to use, consider trying Cardi B's DIY hair mask.

The rapper swears by the recipe, even posting the recipe on her Instagram highlights.

To get the mask, you have to mash a whole avocado with a heavy amount of argan oil.

Afterward, you add a large spoonful of mayonnaise with a tiny amount of honey, before breaking an egg into the mixture.

Then, she adds castor and olive oil, before throwing in a banana, a second avocado, and an egg.

When making this mask she recommends everything is thoroughly mixed in a blender to get the best result.

Since using this recipe, she liked it so much that she used it in her daughter Kulture's hair as well.

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