We’re naming our baby after a popular restaurant chain – people say he’ll be bullied for sure | The Sun

WHETHER it has been a sports team or prized possession, if you love something so much, no matter how obscure or unique it is, is it okay to name your child after it?

One baby's parents plan on naming them after Taco Bell, but people are sure the child will get bullied.

Picking a name out before your child is born can be tricky.

Oftentimes, what you decide before may not feel like the right fit when you finally meet them.

But on the other hand, some parents are sure of the name they want because it symbolizes someone or something they love.

In Clara and Trey's case, they thought one first name went so well with the last name that they had to choose it for their baby.


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Both parents want to name their child after the fast-food restaurant, and people haven't shied away from telling them their kid will likely get bullied because of it.

Clara and Trey respond to the cynics in a recent TikTok video explaining why they want the name they do.

"Are you guys really gonna name your kid taco?" One person questioned them.

The two parents replied: "It's our top name choice so far."

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"Since our last name is Bell, it would just be hilarious if our kid's name was Taco Bell. Hopefully, Taco Bell doesn't get bullied, though."

Viewers agreed with the couple that the name idea was funny, but thought they'd regret it later.

"Hilarious for now, not when they try to get a job or be an adult," one skeptic wrote.

"Well they could always work at Taco Bell I’m sure," Clara and Trey wrote back.

A hater added: "Might be funny for you guys but not for the kid when he/she is trying to grow up."

"You aren't gonna name them Jingle?" Another commenter joked.

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