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Wooden sunglasses have become a favourite for fashion lovers, the eco-conscious and eco-conscious fashion lovers.

This is because, not only are they a stylish addition to your sunglasses collection but the best wooden sunglasses are also made ethically while reducing personal plastic consumption.

The frames are often made from wood like bamboo or walnut which means they normally come in neutral tones that pair nicely with most outfits, although some of the lenses can add a pop of colour if you're looking for something bolder.

The neutrality stretches to gender as well as colour because styles are often designed to suit everyone – an added bonus.

But sunnies aren't all about style. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that shades offer essential protection for your eyes from UVA, UVB and UVC rays so makes sure to choose a pair that has that box ticked.

With prices starting from less than £30, wooden sunglasses are affordable, making it possible for everyone to shop sustainably, regardless of budget.

In case you're not already sold on the merits of these fashionable eco-warriors, here's a fun fact: unlike typical sunglasses, wooden sunglasses float rather than sink which should come in handy next time you take a dip in the sun.

1. Wildwood Eyewear The Classic Walnut

  • Wildwood Eyewear The Classic Walnut, £55 from Wildwood Eyewear – buy here

There's nothing better than a classic, and as the name suggests, these sunglasses are exactly that.

A flattering square shape that has been designed for any gender, these frames are made from natural, sustainably sourced walnut wood.

They won't leave you with a headache from pinching too tightly as they have a hinge that gives enough flexibility so you can comfortably wear them for as long as you like.

The polarized lenses have a scratch resistant coating and protect against UVA, UVB and UVC (the most harmful but least known of the three) rays, so not only will you look like you're famous enough to be avoiding the paparazzi, you're eyes will also be protected.

Sound so good you fancy getting a couple of pairs? This style comes in two colours – dark grey and golden brown.

Plus they're guaranteed for the first 12 months so if they break, you're covered. Result.

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