Drivers could save hundreds of pounds on fuel by filling up at supermarket pumps

Petrol prices are expensive in the UK.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, the average cost of petrol is currently 187.01p per litre.

Diesel costs an average of 193.30p per litre, up 60p from last year, with drivers told prices could rise further.

As costs are increasing, drivers will do just about anything to keep fuel prices down.

Now motorists have been advised to buy their fuel from supermarket forecourts, reports

However, some might think the quality of the fuel from supermarket pumps might be "lower" than from standard stations.

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A spokesperson for car dealership Peter Vary said: "It's rumoured that supermarket fuel is of a 'lower quality' and not the same as you would buy from a branded garage, but that's not the reality.

"Supermarkets sell such vast quantities that operating costs are spread over higher volumes, making it cheaper to buy from than a branded forecourt."

Drivers can save hundreds of pounds a year when avoiding premium fuels, especially for standard cars.

Currently, premium fuels are around 10p more expensive per litre.

RAC Fuel Watch statistics shows that the average UK price of super unleaded E5 petrol is now at 198.63p per litre.

This means it's more than 11p more expensive than standard unleaded petrol and 5p more pricey than diesel.

Drivers also also advised to use the right specification of engine oil, with more modern engines built with finer tolerances.

This means with a journey over 50 miles, drivers could save 26p in an average diesel car.

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