How Rochelle Humes became This Morning's unexpected golden girl

How Rochelle Humes became This Morning’s unexpected golden girl over Alison Hammond – with Twitter praising the star’s presenting over the summer

  • Rochelle Humes has been presenting the show with Andi Peters over Summer
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Rochelle Humes has become This Morning’s new golden girl among viewers who have been praising her hosting skills on social media.

The former Saturdays singer has been at the helm of the programme for several weeks, co-hosting the show with Andi Peters over the Summer.

This Morning has been at the centre of a controversy in recent months, with veteran presenter Philip Schofield stepping down, after admitting to having an affair with a much younger colleague.

His co-presenter Holly Willoughby also announced she would be taking an extended break from fronting the morning programme. 

In May, it was reported that Dermot O’Leary would be taking over presenting duties, alongside national treasure Alison Hammond, 48, who has become a hugely popular broadcaster since appearing on Big Brother in 2002.

Rochelle Humes (pictured at the National Television Awards on September 5) has been a huge hit with This Morning viewers

However, despite how popular both Dermot and Alison have been with This Morning fans, Rochelle Humes has seen her popularity with the show’s viewers skyrocket in recent times.

This has prompted a number of This Morning viewers  to take to social media to share their appreciation for Rochelle’s presenting skills and screen presence, with some even calling for her to take over full time presenting duties.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), one viewer of the morning magazine wrote: ‘Please @thismorning Get @Rochelle Humes @andypeters back I really loved them together, I’ve tried again today watching but it’s just not doing it for me.. Alisons laugh really gets to me, and don’t like her interview skills.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘This morning, you need to get rid of the dead wood. Holly & co are past there use by date. Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters need to be the permanent presenters. They have great chemistry on screen. They gel together.

‘Do the right thing for your viewers…’

And a third said: ‘Just my opinion I’d love @Rochelle Humes and @Marvin Humes to be presenters and scrap Holly Alison Josie Craig and have dermat and Vanessa Phelps on a Friday.’ 

A further viewer noted that while they liked host Holly, they had been enjoying the programme more with Rochelle at the helm.

They wrote: ‘I used to love her but even I have to agree, I think Holly Willoughby needs to go. The show was much better over the summer with Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes…’

The star has been at the helm of the morning programme over the Summer, sharing co-hosting responsibilities with Andi Peters

Another agreed that Rochelle was their preferred host, writing:  ‘Alison Hammond is too off putting to watch. If you kept Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes or Craic Doyle and Josie Gibson, or Dermot O’Leary….but no, can’t vote for a show with Hammond and Willoughby.’

For another, while they said they were a big fan of Alison, they still would like to see more of Rochelle.

They wrote: ‘I love [Alison]. Also, Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes presenting this week , they make a great team and would love to see them presenting more in the future.’

Rochelle and Andi were described as ‘brilliant’ among other compliments by multiple social media users

For others, the pairing of Rochelle and Andi had vastly improved the programme, with some enthusiastically praising the duo. 

One said: ‘Lost me as a viewer, since you removed Eamonn & Ruth & could not stand the self importance of Phil and Holly, but I was flicking today and stayed to watch as the pairing of Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes was perfect, friendly & no wokery. 

In a similar vein, another wrote: ‘This Morning – Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes. Absolutely love love love this pair, brilliant and funny making the show so fresh again.’

Andi Peters has also been praised by social media users who were impressed by his presenting skills on This Morning 

And another enthusiastic fan added: ‘Please please please keep Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes as permanent presenters on This Morning. They have lifted the show to another level and can save this show.’ 

In total agreement, a further viewer said: ‘Andy Peters and Rochelle Humes ..Monday to Friday please…. they are brilliant together.’  

‘Loving Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes presenting together today on This Morning What a brilliant team,’ wrote another.

This was echoed in a further message which said: ‘Loving Andy Peters and Rochelle Humes. Keep them on PLEASE!’

And another X user added: ‘What a fun episode today. Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes are brilliant together. Great to see Andi Peters presenting TV again.’ 

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