‘I bathe in Dettol – but people fear it’ll make my lady parts fall off’

A woman has left people divided after using Dettol in her bath.

TikToker Bee, who lives in London, went viral earlier this month when she posted a video of her preparing a bath.

While letting the tap run with lukewarm water, she poured a generous amount of the antiseptic liquid in and said: "Point of view – if you know, you know.

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"Dettol baths are the one."

People soon realised the product was a concentrated antiseptic solution that kills bacteria and were concerned that the liquid could cause harm to the body.

One noted: "I'd be too scared about my lady parts falling off or something."

"I bet your genitalia be screaming," a second wrote and a third said he feared that the liquid would "dissolve" him if he took a Dettol bath.

But others said they had done it when they were younger.

"Mum always used to do this especially when I fell over and grazed my knees, which was all the time," a person commented.

Another added: "My dad has been bathing in Dettol for as long as I can remember and I'm 49!"

"No it's honestly fine, it says 'self hygiene' on the back and makes your bath smell amazing," a woman pointed out.

Others noted that there are two different ranges for Dettol – one for household disinfection and the other for personal hygiene.

On Dettol's website, it's stated that the product contains chloroxylenol – which can be used "for antiseptic cleansing of minor wounds caused by cuts, bites, grazes, insect stings and for personal hygiene".

It also listed a "how to use" guidelines for douching, but only when medically advised.

"Two teaspoonfuls of Dettol diluted in two pints of warm water," the instruction read.

Bee urged people to read the back of the bottle for bath instructions as she replied in the comments that the product is safe for her to use it every day.


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