I had a split tongue procedure – I had to relearn how to speak and eat

I had a split tongue procedure – I had to relearn how to speak and eat but it was 100% worth it

  • Vii Duquette, from Florida, described the first week of healing as ‘hell’
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A woman who underwent a split tongue procedure has revealed how she loves her extreme look – despite the fact she had to learn how to speak, eat, and move the muscle in her mouth again.

Vii Duquette, who hails from Florida, thinks splitting her tongue in half was ‘100 per cent worth it’, regardless of the retraining process taking a while.

She told her TikTok following of around 29,000: ‘I didn’t expect it to be as confusing as it was, because you got two pieces of tongue now and they just do the wrong thing.

‘It would make my own brain blue screen a lot because it was like I had to mostly learn what the left side was doing.’

The Floridian explained she had to do several tongue twisters in order to whip the muscle back into action – with the classic sea shells rhyme being the most useful. 

Even though Vii Duquette (pictured) was left with her tongue hanging from her mouth and had a hellish first week of healing, she feels the tongue splitting procedure was 100% worth the trouble

She revealed to her followers that she had to practice tongue twisters to learn how to use her tongue once more. She could not stomach food or drink much during her brutal week of healing

She also does not regret the bizarre body modification ‘one bit’, remaining seemingly unfazed by the left side of her tongue being obviously longer than the right.

In fact, the TikToker explained the worst part of the tongue bifurcation was the healing process.

The procedure on average takes two weeks to heal completely, according to Healthline. 

But Ms Duquette revealed that her first week of healing was ‘hell’ as she twirled her tongue – that she describes as tentacles – to showcase her gory body alteration.

She wrote: ‘My tongue just hung out of my mouth for a week like a dog. I threw up twelve times in one night. 

‘I could not eat, not even the Ensure drinks I had planned on.’

Although the tattoo artist is enamored by her sliced tongue she divulged that if she could turn back the clock she would not do the procedure again.

Elaborating on the 15 minute procedure, the tattoo artist said: ‘I almost chickened out and there’s honestly no way I would do it again. Even though I wasn’t in that much pain’

She detailed the pain of the procedure being similar to having your gums deep cleaned, however she explained that having the stiches removed was the most painful part.

Ms Duquette shared: ‘It felt like my tongue was being ripped apart, even though it had already been ripped apart.’

And even though she was lucky to have a smooth healing in the long run, with no scarring, webbing, or resplitting required, she was concerned she would have a long-term lisp.

She ‘I had a lisp at first it was bad enough that I was worried about it never going away but it did  

Viewers were intrigued by the tattoo artists tongue bifurcation, with the comment section flooded with a plethora of questions 

 ‘I can kind of hear it if I have been drinking but I sound pretty normal at this point.’

Viewers were left in awe of her extremely cut tongue with many posing additional questions to the Floridian.

One commented: ‘I’m quite mesmerized by the individual movement of your tongue (s) I’ve never seen anything like that! Dig it!’

‘Yooo that’s gnarly,’ one quipped, while another added: ‘I’m way too fascinated by that!’

The comment section was flooded with questions about the extreme body alteration, with one person asking: ‘But can you touch your nose?!?!?!’

Another chimed in: ‘Can you taste two things at once.’

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