‘I’m judged over my 800 tattoos – mums call me a druggy and don’t let kids near’

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A stunning mum who is a walking work of art has revealed some of the nasty consequences of her eye-popping appearance.

Valerie Watson has spent up to £20,000 on more than 800 intricate tattoos – including nine on her face.

Her first one came aged 14 while on holiday in Mexico and despite now being a successful mum-of-two with a doting husband, she is often cruelly targeted by strangers.

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Speaking with Daily Star, Valerie, 34, said: “I am constantly getting pulled over or I’m discriminated against when I’m at the park with my son.

“I have mums not wanting my child to play with theirs.

“I would think that in this day and age people would be used to it or see people like me often. But it’s not the case.

“I always get really nasty looks but it’s my body, my choice so I ignore it.

“The worst comments I’ve had are that I’m a freak, mentally ill or a drug addict. It’s sad.”

Valerie, who describes herself as a modern day Harley Quinn, works as a painter and she lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, Wes, and her sons, Xavier, 15 and Wolf, three.

And despite cruel misconceptions, the blonde bombshell artist does enjoy positive interactions in public too.

She said: “You get some glares – but some are not all bad.

“Girls do come up to me and say they wished they had my confidence and that they wish they could do it, I tell them just to do it.

“When I make new friends they tell me I look mean and after I get the ‘you actually are really nice’ and I just treat people the way I would want to be treated.”

Valerie now has 75% of her skin covered and her most sentimental tattoos are the names of her kids on her face along with her best friend who died.

She also has spooky designs to commemorate Halloween – including a ghost, a spiderweb and portraits of horror movie characters like Michael Myers and Norman Bates.

And asked what the best thing about being layered with tattoos was, she answered: “The memories I get to keep with me forever.”

But she acknowledged that her journey would not be possible without the support of her loved ones.

“They have been awesome,” she said. “I know most people wouldn’t be able to do this because of family and mine love me regardless and for that I’m extremely blessed.

“My 15-year-old has gotten used to them and he knows that regardless of what I look like, I’m still his mother and I will always protect him.”


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