Im trolled for going cycling with my cat – dog owners are the worst

A bloke who cycles with his cat says he's targeted by rowdy dog owners.

Travis and his cat Sigrid became viral sensations after the feline-lover decided to post the unique peddling clips to Instagram.

After losing his job during the first lockdown, American-born Travis used his joy of cycling with his cat in order to keep occupied.

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And now the eccentric pair have racked up over 149,000 Instagram followers for the clips of the often goggle wearing pet.

They even have their fair share of famous faces they bump into on the street, including Helena Bonham-Carter and a baffled Jeremy Clarkson.

However, not everyone is so fond of Travis and his cycling cat.

He exclusively revealed to us in the My Colourful Life series that he and his social media sensation cat are 'stalked' and 'trolled' – and dog owners are one the main culprits.

“There was one time when we were meeting a photographer for a photoshoot and we were in Hampstead Heath in the café," London-based Travis told us.

"This dog walker came up with three off leash dogs and of course they went nuts because she didn’t really have control of them.

"And she was like 'why do you have a cat here, we walk our dogs in the Heath as there is no cats, you shouldn’t have a cat'.

"I’m like 'you have your dogs here, why can’t I have my cat’ you know.

But the comments from dog owners aren't confined to the offline world.

Despite having to deal with riled up pooch lovers in parks, Travis and Sigrid can't get away from the hate online either.

He admitted that they're often subject to trolling on Instagram, where the cat is often referred to as a "rat."

"Get that around my dog and my dog's getting a free meal in the form of your rat," one troll sneered.

Travis says the trolls are often dog owners and fellow cyclists.

“We get a lot of mean and hateful comments from the anti-cyclist people and even from dog people [owners] which is quite strange," Travis candidly shared.

“We’ve had stalkers.

"I’ve blocked them then people make new accounts and then stalk us again, I’ve had to go to the police a couple of times.

“One of them is actually a cyclist who doesn’t really like what we’re doing I guess because we fall out of the norm of cycling.

"So for months, every couple weeks, he would pop up and say something nasty and he had multiple accounts.

"I would block him on Twitter and he would show up on a different account "

No amount of trolling from canine-enthusiasts or cyclists will stop Travis and Sigrid though.

Sigrid will not back down to the dog world anytime soon and even 'stands up for herself – whatever that might be in cat form.

"She stands up for herself and she tries to chase dogs and attack them," Travis voiced.

"I think people always like – no pun intended – root for the underdog.

"She’s kind of the underdog and has a big personality in a small cat."

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