I've won £1m on the Lotto – here's how I'm going to spend the cash | The Sun

A RETIRED taxi driver who scooped a £1million lotto jackpot has revealed what he plans to do with his winnings.

Steve Glover, 73, matched five numbers and a Bonus Ball in the National Lottery draw on March 4 to win the whopping sum.

Steve, from Exeter, Devon, is wasting no time using the cash to hit the open road once more on a special quest.

He plans to spend his time travelling around the Highlands of Scotland in a motorhome.

The former RAF man fell in love with the region when he was stationed there and will use his road trip to scout out properties, with the aim of eventually settling down nearby.

He said: "I don’t have a definite spot in Scotland that I want to call home just yet so I’m buying a motorhome which will be my temporary home.


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"I will spend some time travelling around and getting a feel for the place again. I’m after a nice little croft with a bit of land and when I see the right place, I will know it’s the one."

He's also bought a new car to replace his Land Rover which was "on its last legs" and invested in two barrels of prime Scotch whisky, though he's yet to decided whether he will drink it or keep it as an investment.

Recalling the stunning moment of when he realised he had won, he said: "I checked the Lotto results on my tablet and recognised the numbers instantly as I’ve always played the same numbers!

"I didn’t dare to believe what I was seeing so first I rang my mate and asked him to read out the numbers to me, and then I called my ex-wife who did the same and then said, ‘according to this Steve, you’ve won £1million!'."

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He was up bright and early the next day to call in and claim his winnings, though he still didn't quite believe it until the money appeared in his bank account.

Steve added: "I’ve had my share of bad luck over the years, with two heart attacks and an injury which stopped me working and led to the demise of my business, so when the win was confirmed, I made a cup of tea – my answer to everything! – and told myself not to start the celebrations just yet.

"Now the money is there, looks like the celebrations can start, just as soon as my mate is back from Fuerteventura and my ex-wife is back from her holidays in the Caribbean.

"It did occur to me that I could fly out and surprise either one of them but I think I’ll sit tight, with another cup of tea, and wait for their return."

He also popped into the shop where he has always bought lotto tickets to share the news with the staff and give Delia, the lady who sold him the winning slip, a bunch of flowers.

He explained: "I always get my National Lottery tickets at the same shop so I had to share my good news with the staff there as well as give a little something to the person who sold me my winning Lotto ticket.

"I guess it’s just the way I’ve been brought up, they were all so happy for me, it was a really nice moment."

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