Kim Kardashian’s SKNN To Release A Line Of (Very Expensive) Concrete Home Wear

Kim Kardashian has released everything from perfume to loungewear, and now the businesswoman can add home wear to the list. Her skincare brand SKKN is launching a line of minimalistic concrete home décor.

Given that she has a number of brands to her name, it may see odd that Kim decided to release the line under SKKN, which made headlines for launching a pricey skincare line earlier this year. But the home wear accessories are meant to be used in home bathrooms alongside the products.

“Introducing neutral accents for the home,” the SKKNN website says of the new collection. “Adorn your vanity with minimalist, functional pieces sculpted from concrete.”

The line features five items, all with a high price tag. The most expensive piece is a concrete waste basket, priced at $185 USD. The other items include a tissue box ($130), round container ($98), cannister ($93), and vanity tray ($93). Shoppers will also have the option to buy A 5-piece bundle for $505.

The collection was just announced and will go live on the SKKN website on October 6.

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Kim is known for her love of minimalism. During her marriage to Kanye West, the couple sunk tens of millions of dollars into renovating their Hidden Hills estate in minimalistic, concrete-heavy theme.

In a press release, SKKN acknowledge that the home wear line is inspired by Kim’s home, explaining the pieces are meant to mimic the “calming aesthetic and neutral colour palette of Kardashian’s home.”

“Each decorative piece is crafted from hand-poured concrete and infused with a minimalist design that mimics the calming aesthetic and neutral color palette of Kardashian’s home,” the brand continued.

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They added, “Designed to marry art and functionality, the collection reimagines the home into a serene, clutter-free oasis.”

This summer, SKKN made headlines for launching its pricey skincare collection. True to Kim’s style, the products come packaged in neutral, minimalist packaging (that matches the home wear).

However, the skincare line received backlash for its high price point. The entire line costs $630, with the hyaluronic and vitamin C serums alone worth $90 each. Kim later defended the high price point, saying that the high-quality ingredients she chose for the line necessitate the cost.

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“It’s definitely more prestige, and in order to get the types of ingredients that I would not really miss out on, it was kind of a necessity,” she explained. “The products I was using that were comparable were way more expensive … I tried to get the quality for the best price that we could.”

The skincare may be worth the price, but do you think a $180 garbage can could ever be?

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