Kody Brown Slams Christine for Turning Their Children Against Him In 'Very Subtle But Real Way'

In the final installment of Sister Wives: One on One, Kody and his wives all share how they feel about Christine's new man, David, before she reveals their matching chest tattoos!

Christine Brown and her relationship with David Woolley took center stage on the final Sister Wives: One on One special Sunday night, where Kody Brown made it clear that while he’s “happy” for his ex and her new beau, he’s not thrilled with the things she’s said about their former relationship on the show.

In the fourth and final sit-down special, David joined Christine for her interview with host Sukanya Krishnan, before Meri and Janelle both said they were excited and happy for their fellow former sister wife and her new relationship. At the time, the pair were engaged, though they have since tied the knot.

“Met David for 15 minutes, Had a conversation, a very mild, light conversation. He mostly talked with Robyn, she thought he was very sweet,” Kody shared when it was time for him to share his reaction to her new beau. “Christine has chosen him, so I think it’s a good match. But I know nothing. I wish for her the absolute best, I hope for her all the happiness in life.”

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When asked if he blame Christine for “destroying the big picture” of their plural marriage, Kody said the blame fell with him — because he had married “a woman I didn’t love.” Krishnan reacted with a big “ouch,” before he added, “That’s the truth and she knows that. It never really worked.”

He then had to watch a conversation Christine had with her children about dating again, in which she said she was so reluctant to put herself out there after being “married to someone who apparently wasn’t physically attracted to me.” Their daughter Mykelti expressed shock her father felt that way, saying her mom was “gorgeous,” before adding that it “sucks” that “the man you were married to was never into it.”

That whole exchange ticked Kody off.

“She’s right there asking for my children to side with her against me. Nobody else sees it, maybe I’m just delusional. I got a problem with her setting my kids against me in order to gain favor with her,” he exclaimed, as Krishnan wondered how he reached that conclusion.

“Mykelti, in order to gain favor with Christine, is siding against me. She’s joining Christine in the criticism of me because I didn’t love her. I was attached to her and in the eyes of my children, I was there and I was with her. She told them that I wasn’t,” he explained. “What she did was wrong and I’m happy for her and her life and that she’s moving forward. I’m happy for that. But I cannot forgive, at least right now, that she has put my children against me in a very subtle but real way and that bothers me.”

He then added: “If she’s really in love — which I hope is the real story — that should all end. Her trash talking me to my children, her trash talking me on this show, should all end because if she’s in love, she should be over it.”

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Kody also said he believed Christine had to “destroy my character” so David wouldn’t think she would leave a “good man.” He added that’s what he did before marrying Robyn, so he could be sure she wouldn’t leave him too since he’s “not a bad guy” himself. Krishnan told him she didn’t think that was the case, at all — adding that he’s “still a good man” even if their relationship didn’t work out.

“She needs to stop telling my children I’m not then,” he hit back. “I’m not gonna let that go, ever, until those kids come to me.”

Though Kody thought his ex has serious Machiavellian tendencies, David defended her — saying Brown was “definitely wrong on her being back-stabbing.”

The couple then spoke about their bond and how it was different from the relationships they’d been in prior. While Kody is Christine’s only ex, David was previously married and was a widower with eight children and 10 grandchildren before they met.

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Christine said that her new man was really aware and observant and could always tell when something was wrong. He called her the “complete package” — stressing the importance of their communication and intimacy — and said there was “no drama” when it came to their relationship.

“When I met her, it was instant. I knew she was the one I wanted to be with,” he said, adding that he wasn’t intimidated by her Sister Wives platform. “I know that there’s an end to all this down the road and that’s the person I want to grow old with,” he said.

The pair also revealed they got matching tattoos on both of their chests, right over their heart. Showing it off on camera, Christine explained the symbol meant “new beginnings” in Celtic.

While the two have already said “I do” in real life, they hadn’t walked down the aisle yet — and revealed who they would and wouldn’t be inviting to their wedding. Though Janelle was an immediate yes, neither Kody or Robyn scored Save the Dates. Christine said she did reach out to Robyn’s kids, but hadn’t heard back. Meri probably wasn’t getting an invite either — something she said she expected — though her child Leon got one. According to Christine, Kody’s siblings and mother were also invited.

Check out photos from the ceremony below!

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