Make your job bearable if you want to quit but can't with the recession

It’s all about taking action where you can make a change.

At this time of year, looking for new opportunities might be at the forefront of your mind.

After the Christmas break (if you got one), the dreaded return to work could signal that you actually would quite like a new role.

While the new year is a good time to job hunt, societally this might feel like a risky time to change roles with inflation, recession, and cost of living crisis all being regular terms we’re hearing and experiencing the brunt of.

Also, workers have more rights once they’ve been in a role for two years.

If you’re in a job you hate or have grown tired of, but you can’t quit or move just yet, you might be wondering how you’re going to get through.

Laura Kingston, director of Leap Career Coaching says this is a ‘fairly common’ career experience.

She says: ‘I understand that people have more fear in job searching due to the recession and are looking for job security and certainty.

‘However, you need to weigh up the balance of risk versus happiness – you could be made redundant from your existing role, there are no guarantees.

‘Unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1974, so it’s a candidate market.’

She says one way to invite something new into your career without moving companies is to pitch a new job description to your current employers, explaining how this role would meet the needs of the business.

It’s something past clients of hers have had success with.

Laura adds: ‘Work is intrinsically linked to your home life, so look at the situation holistically.

‘The circle of control, influence and concern is a great model to focus on here.

‘Instead of looking at what you can’t control (the economy, war, pandemic – all the things which can make us feel fearful and helpless), focus on what you can control (what you read, who you spend time with, what you for fun and exercise) and this will make you feel more empowered in your life.

‘Think about what/who you can influence – a project board, your team, your manager, the CEO.’

Top tips to make your job feel more bearable

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