Millionaire dad gives three-year-old £50k Rolex, pony and diamonds for birthday

Birthdays are a special occasion. And to mark the huge milestones, some parents will do just about anything to make their children happy on their day.

One dad who loves spoiling his kids is multi-millionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow. In the past, the dad gifted his granddaughter Marina with a £1million house and a £5m trust fund.

Barrie first hit headlines with ex-husband Tony as they became the first gay men in the UK to father kids through surrogacy. The pair have a combined wealth of £40m with Barrie since finding love with his daughter's ex Scott.

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Now with Barrie and Scott's daughter Valentina turning three, the youngster celebrated with a Peppa Pig-themed party. Her dads showered her with expensive gifts like a £50,000 Rolex, a £70,000 diamond bracelet and her first pony.

Barrie posted pictures of his second youngest child, who he shares with Scott, celebrating at her party on social media. She blew out the candles on her cake while her friends sat around a large table filled with party food.

The dad-of-eight captioned the images by hailing Valentina as the "absolute light of my life". Speaking to the Sun, Barrie said: "Her birthday is Tuesday but she has had an incredible weekend of being spoiled.

"She got her first pony, a new £50,000 Rolex, a 50 diamond platinum bracelet worth £70,000 and a whole new wardrobe of clothes for our trip to Miami next week. What else would you get for her third birthday?"

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Barrie, who is reportedly worth £200m, even had a "personal chef" prepare a "full-in Peppa Pig feast" for Valentina and her pals. He said he's keen on spoiling his kids because he doesn't want to see them struggle in minimum-wage jobs.

He made his millions with ex-husband Tony through ventures including a surrogacy firm and a global medical research company. A few years ago, he began dating 29-year-old Scott, the ex-boyfriend of his 23-year-old daughter Saffron.

The grandad made history with Tony in 1999 when they became Britain's first gay dads to twins after the birth of Saffron and her sister Aspen. When his son Romeo was born last year, he splashed out on a £2.5m yacht for the infant.

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