Only people with ‘high IQs’ can spot all snowmen in tricky optical illusion

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    Optical illusions aren't always easy to solve.

    Some are good to test your eyesight, while others can be a great way to entertain yourself. But some brainteasers are used to challenge your IQ score.

    Now if you're hoping to put your intelligence to the ultimate test, we've got just the puzzle. The creators at Hiatt Hardware shared an image to mark the countdown to Christmas.

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    The fun festive-themed brainteaser can also help to challenge your problem-solving abilities. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go now!

    In the image, your being challenged to find all eight snowmen hiding away in the Christmassy scene. The festive characters can be hard to find.

    Still struggling? Scroll down for the answer…

    These kind of brainteasers are good for many reasons, whether you're testing your eyesight or intelligence. Now stick a timer on and see how long it takes you.

    You could start by staring at the centre of the image, before looking around the top half of the shot. Then maybe you might just find your answers!

    If that was too easy, don't worry we've got more optical illusions for you!

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    Previously, only people with sharp eyes can spot the number four in a baffling optical illusion. The test, created by Daily Star with the help of AI, asks you to find the number hidden among the other digits.

    Meanwhile another tricky optical illusion has three dogs – but only people with "sharp eyes" can spot all of them. The image was first shared on Reddit.

    It shows two visible dogs enjoying a winter time walk with what appears to be their owner in the snow. Then there's a third lurking somewhere in the image.

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