Royal Mint launch three new 50p coins featuring fearsome dinosaurs | The Sun

A TYRANNOSAURUS, diplodocus and stegosaurus feature on the latest collectable 50p coins.

Artist Robert Nicholls designed the Royal Mint’s coins with guidance from the Natural History Museum. Prices start from £11.

The Royal Mint’s three-coin collection with the Natural History Museum sees the tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus and diplodocus each given their own coin.

Rebecca Morgan of the Royal Mint said: “For nearly 200 million years, dinosaurs roamed the Earth so it’s fitting that they are honoured forever on an official UK coin. “

The collectable 50p coin series featuring tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus and diplodocus is available to purchase from the Royal Mint’s website, with colour editions of the coin also available.

The first collectable 50p coin available to buy will be the one featuring the tyrannosaurus. Prices start from £11.



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