‘Super accurate’ optical illusion shows whether or not youre a commitment-phobe

A mind-bending optical illusion has spurred interest from viewers, with claims that it could reveal underlying commitment issues in those who look at it.

The image, posted by @mia_yilin_, invites the audience to identify the first thing they see in an abstract painting and take notes.

At first glance, the image seemingly depicts a large flock of white doves flying in the sky, while others may see a woman’s face instead.

According to the content creator, those who see the birds first may struggle with long-term commitment due to their cravings for excitement.

Plagued with a tendency to overthink, these individuals may also be prone to welcoming stress into their lives.


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original sound – Mia Yilin

On the other hand, those who see the woman’s face first are likely to be highly empathetic individuals who connect deeply with others.

Mia continued: “This sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people but it can also be overwhelming as you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you. 

People were pleasantly surprised by the personality test. One wrote: “Super accurate, saw both at once and they both describe me.

Another commented: “The face and the explanation were so on point!!!”

While the scientific community remains sceptical about the validity of such claims, optical illusions have raked up viral attention online.

Many psychologists have advised caution, emphasising that interpretations of visual illusion cannot draw definitive conclusions about personality types.

Some experts argue that optical illusions do not provide genuine insights into one’s psyche, but rather highlight random coincidences.

While the verdict is still out on the scientific basis of the personality tests, the tests highlight the power of visual art to stir public imagination and spur debates.

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