ITV star wants Strictly Come Dancing stint as he shares method to win BBC show

X Factor star Stevi Ritchie has his eye on joining Strictly Come Dancing next year – and he knows just how to steal the show.

The ITV singer spoke exclusively to the Daily Star as he promoted his new track titled Magic at Christmas. Talking about which other shows he'd like to do, Stevi said: "You know, I've always had Strictly in my mind because I can dance a little bit.

"My partner Joanna thinks I can't, but I can actually move my hips quite well – which is the secret to winning the show. In the new music video, I go a little bit Strictly because I'm wearing a blue sequin jacket and do a big spin, that's very Strictly."

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Stevi also went on to claim that his TV pal Rylan has ignored his latest Instagram messages after he asked him to support the track. He told us: "I even messaged Rylan. He's seen it and he's too busy. He's not bothered responding.

"He's X Factor family and he doesn't even want to support?" Sending a message to the TV host, Stevi added: "Hello, I loved you a lot and all sorts and we got we got that connection of Celebrity Big Brother together and you don't even want to help. Rylan what was a man Come on?"

"I've spoken to him at some times on Instagram DM and he's always replied to me. He's not been an a*** but for some reason, this time, he's just on. He looked at it not bothered. I'm like, oh…"

Stevie continued: "Na, I love him really. It's just some people want to get involved, some people don't. Alison Hammond said she really is keen but she hasn't got a slot for me on This Morning just yet.

"So it's a difficult one, but you know what, I have faith in the Lord above. The song is going to go top five if not top three. Guaranteed."

Stevi explained how all proceeds from his new song will be going towards Great Ormond Street Hospital. The singer added: "This song for me is a cross between Michael Buble and Wham! It's very catchy, it can be sad to some people because it's also touching but it's also very 'feel-good'."

Stevi's new single It's Magic At Christmas is out now.

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