‘Their wives aren’t my business’: OnlyFans model says subscribers ‘fall in love’ with her

Sex worker doesn't believe OnlyFans will stick to U-turn decision

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Content creators on OnlyFans make money by sharing pictures and videos with users for tips, as well as raking up paid subscribers who cough up a monthly fee for access. Famous faces on the site include US actress Bella Thorne, rapper Cardi B, UK reality star Daniella Westbrook, and British model Lottie Moss. The platform has become synonymous with racier content, like that created by Parker Lee. The number of subscribers Parker has increases rapidly by the day. The 22-year-old gains on average 200 new fans a day and at the time of writing boasts around 69,000. The young woman claims she makes her subscribers fall in love with her by offering an “experience like no other”. She says it’s her earnest responses and genuine interactions with fans that have them subscribing at such a rate.

The model specialises in something she calls the “boyfriend experience”, a type of feature offered via OnlyFans to paying users.

She explains: “The boyfriend experience is just that – it’s an experience, one like no other. You get me, my attention, and my time.”

Parker says her interactions with fans are genuine, something key to what she offers on the platform.

“Livestreaming taught me the importance of genuine connection and I think that the boyfriend experience with me is unique because I really get into it and truly enjoy connecting and becoming a safe escape where you get to live your fantasy,” she said.

“Some people aren’t looking for the boyfriend experience and that’s so fun too. Some people aren’t looking to interact at all and simply enjoy watching my videos.”

Sp, what does she talk about with her many fans online? “Literally anything and everything,” Parker explained. “It can range from small talk, to work stress, to their deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies.”

Women with mostly male subscribers make the most money on the platform, where men pay between £5 and £20 a month for access to sexy snaps.

From October 1 2021 OnlyFans changed its rules, enforcing tighter restrictions on nudity and sexual content. A spokesperson said at the time: “Effective 1 October, 2021, OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content containing sexually-explicit conduct.”

OnlyFans now does not allow “extreme or offensive” nude or sexual images. A long list of the specifics exists on the company’s website.

OnlyFans subscribers can also pay tips and buy personalised content. The platform currently has around 70,000 creators who have collectively earned £199million.

OnlyFans also specialises in its own girlfriend experience function, which allows men to pay for a day, or longer, to virtually interact with their favourite OnlyFans model.

Some claim this kind of sex work via OnlyFans exploits the content creators and potentially lonely fans to pay for the experience.

But Parker says: “Why do you care what someone else does with their time and money if it doesn’t affect you?

“People have told me that I’ve changed their lives in such a positive way or helped them deal with their depression, or even just that I made their day, just by spending quality time with them and showing them that someone cares about them.

“I think there is so much more to this job than just sex, and that’s the part that people who say things like this don’t think about.”

How did Parker get started on the OnlyFans platform?

She said: “I’ve always had a passion for streaming on webcam, and a lot of my fans were pushing for me to get an OnlyFans. It was an easy decision since I was already looking to expand on my love of creating content and really get into producing quality videos for people to enjoy at their convenience.

“I really wanted to start creating content that showcased my sexual creativity that really couldn’t be done on a short livestream, and share that content with an even broader audience.

“There is no better feeling than coming up with an amazing idea, putting my heart into creating something and releasing it, then hearing how much guys love it. It never gets old. I don’t think it ever will.”

Would she advise other women to sign up? “Absolutely not, I don’t want any attention taken away from me,” she joked.

Then she added: “No, seriously though, if it’s the kind of work you truly enjoy and you’ve made peace with the possibility of everything you put online being there forever, then I don’t see why not. Do something you are passionate about and people will be drawn to it.”

What is her secret to growing her legion of fans every day?

Parker said; “First, the key to sustainable growth is you have to be genuine and actually enjoy what you’re doing on OnlyFans.

“People will see right through you if you’re just looking for quick money and aren’t putting effort into what you’re making.

“Second, people can’t find you on OnlyFans if they don’t know who you are, so you should put yourself out there on social media in some way, and be consistent with it.

“There are always new girls coming in and starting to create, find them on various platforms, and network with them so you can grow together.

“Places like Reddit, Twitter even Tiktok are great places to start gaining exposure and finding girls to network with. Lastly, people aren’t going to stay subscribed if they can get what you’re offering for free elsewhere. Offer them something they can’t say no to.”

But what about the fact some of her fans have wives or girlfriends?

Parker said: “That’s none of my business. My business is only the relationship I form with my subscriber and giving them what they need.

“Men have told me they are married and their wives want to join the fun, some guys have to hide it.

“Some guys pretend to be married or in a relationship when they’re not, just to get off on the secrecy because it’s their fantasy. I’m here to please you and at that time anyone and everything outside of that doesn’t matter. I’m your escape.”

However, Parker, who says she is “too young to settle down just yet”, does not like the idea of any boyfriend of hers interacting with other OnlyFans models the way her fans do with her.

“Oh hell no,” she said to the prospect, “If I’m going to be with someone I’ll be keeping him too busy for that.

“But we would definitely have lots of fun together online.”

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