TikTokers have been sharing snaps of 'What I Wanted Vs. What I Got'

That’s NOT what I asked for: Bemused customers share snaps of what they ordered versus what they got (and let’s hope they were quickly refunded)

  • TikTokers have been sharing snaps of what they wanted vs what they got 
  • One person ordered a beautiful sage green wedding cake but got green sludge
  • Someone else wanted a chic pamper session for their dog only for it to be shaved

We’re all guilty of raising our expectations too high sometimes, but when you’re spending your hard-earned money, then you’re certainly entitled to a level of quality.  

Yet, the unfortunate truth is that you can’t always rely on the glossy picture you see in the advertisement, as these photos from around the world prove. 

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of images shared by TikTokers who were understandably horrified when they ended up with a product bearing very little resemblance to what they ordered. 

Other incidents included plastic-looking blue nails that should have been dainty ombre with peach pink and a bean bag chair that turned up looking like a hamster. 

Meanwhile, one bride was no doubt on the warpath after the elegant sage green wedding cake she requested turned out a lurid lime colour, with uneven frosting.   

I do not! One woman in the US hoped she was getting a fashionable sage green wedding cake, but what turned up was a Halloween special the colour of slime 

Everyone loves fancy dress! Elsewhere in the US one woman ordered a cute jacket for winter, yet when it arrived it looked more sumo wrestler than chic

A close shave! This poor pooch just wanted a cute, fashionable trim. To his surprise his fur was shaved off, leaving him with a bushy tail and shaggy face 

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Nailed it! This girl from Washington asked her nail technician for the latest ombre trend and left looking like bits of blue tack had been stuck on her fingers 

Is it a hat? One man wanted some comfy bean bags that he curl up on and go to sleep. What he got was less than a pillow 

Christmas is not coming to town! Imagine this person’s disappointment when they put up their Christmas tree and found it was a twig 

Tell us it’s not real! One student from the US was in a rebellious mood when she decided to get a cute heart shaped tattoo, but so was the artist who inked a large misshapen smudge across her wrist 

What it says on the tin! This isn’t technically wrong but it’s not right either. These girls were expecting a chocolate masterpiece but got a picture of one instead 

You will go to the ball… But not in that! A teenager in the US thought she had found her perfect prom dress until it turned up looking like a prototype 

Baby’s first internet scam! For her wedding this woman wanted an elegant sheer, embroidered corset. Instead she got a tacky piece of material with a bubble pattern 

Cautious cuts! We don’t believe that the stylist had the confidence to recreate the sharp line, but did they get scared halfway through and run away?

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