Tricky optical illusion shows Christmas scene with ‘different-sized’ snowflakes

Fancy a new optical illusion to keep you going during the festive season?

With Christmas right around the corner, we've got just the brainteaser to stimulate your minds.

The new illusion by Jackpotjoy will certainly put your eyes and mind to the test.

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It's because the two red snowflakes might appear to be different sizes when they're actually identical.

But many people attempting the optical illusion could struggle to adjust their eyes to see the snowflakes are the same.

Known as the "Ebbinghaus" illusion, the phenomenon was discovered by German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus.

When the surrounding white snowflakes are closer to the central red snowflake, it makes the red one appear bigger.

Meanwhile, when the surrounding white snowflakes are further away, the central red snowflake appears smaller.

Our brain tells us the red snowflake on the left must be smaller, because it's far away from the white ones around it.

And the right red snowflake seems larger for the opposite reason.

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So if you stare at it for long enough you'll be able to see how the snowflakes are actually the same size.

According to the creators of the illusion, 8 in 10 people can't train their brains to do this.

Why don't you try it for yourself and let us know how you get on in the comments section below…

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