We slept with bridesmaid at our wedding -and it wasn't the first time!

We slept with our bridesmaid on our wedding night – it wasn’t the first time we’d been intimate with her, marriage is different for everyone

  • Katey and Dan Babbage tied the knot in September after seven years together 
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A couple who slept with their bridesmaid on their wedding night have revealed it wasn’t the first time they’d been intimate with her.

Katey, 27, and Dan Babbage, 26, from Plymouth, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in September. 

The newlyweds were first introduced by mutual friends seven years ago and decided to open their relationship up to others when discussing their fantasies. 

As such, Katey and Dan began experimenting with other people and even appeared on the Channel 4 show Open House: The Big Sex Experiment earlier this year. 

In the past two years, Dan and Katey had invited their close friend – who even acted as the couple’s bridesmaid – into their bedroom. 

Pictured: Katey and Dan Babbage on their wedding day in September. The couple have been together for seven years and started experimenting with ‘non-monogamy’ two years later

Describing how they had previously ‘played’ with the anonymous woman, Dan said of their wedding night: ‘We didn’t know it was going to happen beforehand but we’d talked about potential scenarios.

‘A lot of our friends who turned up were also in the lifestyle and we’d joked about having a wedding night orgy.’ 

Discussing how the threesome came about, Dan continued: ‘Nothing was planned. People started to peel off towards the end of the night so we took Katey’s friend back to the room for drinks.

‘We just drank and played games and things progressed and we all got involved. Katey’s bisexual and we’ve explored with [the bridesmaid] before.’

Speaking about the judgement they’ve faced as a couple, the newlywed said: ‘It’s not like we’ve sullied the institution of marriage, marriage is different to everyone.’ 

What’s more, Katey – who is estranged from her family over her open relationship – also said she doesn’t care what others think of their arrangement.  

She added: ‘I’d say don’t shy away from it but if you’ve never done it before don’t make your first night your wedding night – but also live and let live, who cares.

‘It’s not for everybody and some people maybe shouldn’t try it but if you have an interest and your relationship is solid enough why not find out.’

In the past two years, Dan and Katey (pictured in their hometown of Plymouth) had invited their close friend – who even acted as the couple’s bridesmaid – into their bedroom

Pictured: Katey on her hen do earlier this year. Katey explained how the pair invited one of her closest friends to join them in the bedroom on the night of their wedding – as she continues to explore her bisexuality

Before appearing on the Channel 4 series this summer, Katey confided in her family about her and Dan’s unusual set-up and she has hardly had any contact with her loved ones since.

Discussing the impact it had on their wedding day, Katey continued: ‘For me it was difficult because none of my family were there and Dan’s dad walked me down the aisle. My dad wasn’t interested after we told him about us.

‘We were going away to film a TV show last September so we thought we had to tell them.

‘Dad is very protective but he was worried about me shaming the family, I think it was mainly self preservation.

‘It’s sad because he shut himself off at a very important time in my life. He didn’t even make the effort when it was my wedding to walk his only daughter down the aisle and they threw insults at Dan and said he was my abuser and he was forcing me into it when I was the one who applied for Open House and Love Don’t Judge.

‘For me there’s no going back.’

On top of this, Dan and Katey prefer to describe their relationship as ‘non-monogamous’ – rather than calling themselves swingers.

In the past two years, they’ve ‘played’ around with 20 people – including men, women and other couples.

Dan said: ‘We only started exploring the lifestyle a couple of years ago, we needed a strong foundation first. I was the one who proposed it but we had never explored that kind of lifestyle before.

‘We were in bed one night talking about desires and fantasies and I said I’d like to see you with another man, that would push my boundaries.

‘We were always a bit spicier than our friends but when we were monogamous our sex life was brilliant – we weren’t trying to fix anything.’

Although Katey says she was ‘shocked’ and ‘anxious’ about opening up their relationship at first, she explained how it has brought them closer. 

She continued: ‘I felt quite anxious at first but the more I thought about it the more I felt like he actually trusts me that much because I’d only ever been in possessive and jealous relationships.

‘It still took ages before we found the first person, I was messaging guys and it got a bit spicy and Dan was sitting there with me or I would be screen recording it. It was Dan’s fantasy we were living out.’

On Truly’s Love Don’t Judge, Katey (pictured on her wedding day) explained how the pair invited one of her bridesmaids to join them in the bedroom on the night of their wedding – as she continues to explore her bisexuality

Pictured: Katey and Dan with Kirsty and Tom, who they met while filming Channel 4’s Open House: The Big Sex Experiment

Since appearing on Channel 4 and Truly’s Love Don’t Judge, Katey and Dan say numerous people in their lives have confided in them about also being non-monogamous.

Dan added: ‘I think most people know somebody who is involved in the lifestyle or has dabbled with it. The majority of people have at least considered it at some point.

‘If we started society again non-monogamy would be the norm, the only reason we are monogamous is because of conditioning.’

Katey said: ‘We’ve met people from all different walks of life, there’s some stigma about “keys in a bowl” but it’s not like that. Most club nights are under 40s which would surprise a lot of people.

‘There’s a huge variety of different ages, races and looks. It could be anyone from any walks of life, we know people in police work and teachers, people who we went to school with who are in the lifestyle.’

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