Woman makes thousands scouring car boots for hidden gems to sell online

‘One man’s treasure is another man's treasure’ has never been more true than in Becky Chorlton’s case.

The student frequents car boot sales and charity shops in search of hidden gems – and she makes thousands every month doing it.

The 24-year-old started selling her finds online back in 2019 in hope of earning some extra cash.

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What was once a side hustle is now a full-time career. She sells on popular sites including eBay, Depop, and Vinter under the business name ‘Becky’s Bazaar’.

Becky, from Lymm, told money-saving site LatestDeals.co.uk that car boot sales are the best place to find high-value items.

She said: “Don’t forget to bring cash and lots of bags and don’t go into a car boot sale with a specific item you want to find.

“The joy of shopping second-hand is finding unique pieces so learn to look for the potential in items you may not like at first glance.

“Rummage high and low when you’re looking around. All the treasures are usually hidden in boxes and places where everybody else is too lazy to look in, so get digging.”

Becky also says that out-of-season clothing is usually cheaper, meaning you can hold on to it and sell it for a higher price further down the line.

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“There’s nothing worse than finding a hole or stain in an item after you’ve bought it,” Becky says. “Items can be repaired, but make sure you know what you’re dealing with first.”

As the winter months roll around, many car boots will stop, so charity shops will be the next best source.

Becky said: “You may only know about your local high street charity shop, but chances are that’s where everyone else is going, which is why you aren’t finding anything.

“Google is your best friend here – plan a route to a store you never knew existed, and you’ll likely be surprised at what you find there!”

Last year, Becky found a Red Bull biker jacket for £50 which was worth over £250.

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Despite her success, Becky sticks to her roots and maintains a strong profile on Depop, with her business now one of the top profiles on the marketplace.

Becky has recently begun sharing her journey on TikTok, which has become another catalyst for her success. She says: “I make money from my TikTok account @beckysbazaar, where I show the behind-the-scenes of sourcing my stock from car boots.

“A year ago, I had 7,000 followers but now I’ve got over 82,000. I upload on my TikTok three times a day, every day of the week, so I think the sheer amount of content I’m producing means lots of people are discovering my page daily.

“I also think my generation is particularly interested in saving the planet and shopping second-hand, which may be why my videos are successful.”


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