Jose de Sousa’s ‘worst miscount yet’ sees him celebrate 180 – but bust his score

Darts miscount King Jose de Sousa scaled new heights on Saturday night as he managed to bust 181.

The Portuguese thrower has developed a reputation for his poor counting. But surely even he couldn't have imagined messing up 181. Yet that's exactly what happened during the World Cup of Darts clash between Portugal and Scotland.

Their second round clash went down to a doubles game after John Henderson had beaten Vitor Jeronimo and De Sousa had seen off Peter Wright in the singles match. Portugal had worked their way down to 181 in the first-leg of the doubles match when De Sousa's counting curse struck again.

After scoring 120 with his first two darts to leave himself on 61, De Sousa should have gone for the 25 or T15 to leave Jeronimo on a double. But the 48-year-old seemed to completely lose track of his score as he filled the T20 bed to score 180 – leaving him bust.

De Sousa appeared to clench his first in a celebratory motion before stunned match referee Kirk Bevans yelled out 'no score' as De Sousa realised what he had done.

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The Special One raised a finger to his eye as he walked apologetically back to team-mate Jeronimo, who appeared to see the funny side of his pal's incredible miscount.

Sky Sports commentator Mark Webster declared himself "speechless" at the Portuguese star's counting error – and he wasn't the only one.

"He'll score what he wants, he'll score what he wants, Jose de sousa he'll score what he wants," wrote one social media user. Someone else said: "His best miscount yet."

A third person added: "He's so funny, you've got to love him." While another user commented: "Tbf, it takes a fair amount of skill to bust 181. But if you had to bet your house on anyone doing it, you'd definitely pick Jose De Sousa."

Another darts fan chimed in with: "He does this on purpose, he absolutely must. It’s borderline no even funny anymore."

De Sousa's horrible miscount cost Portugal dear as they lost the first-leg of the match to World Cup holders Henderson and Wright.

And they couldn't recover from there on in as the Scottish duo wrapped up a 4-0 win in the doubles game to book their place in the quarter-final.

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