A lot of pressure! A Place in the Suns Craig Rowe recalls difficult application

Craig Rowe discusses issues with his property's roof

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As one of the newest A Place in the Sun hosts, Craig vividly remembers how he managed to secure his place on the Channel 4 property-hunt series. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he explained how he had to create a video of only 20 seconds to try to win over the producers and convince them he’d be the perfect presenter. Thankfully, things worked out for Craig, who loves the job, but he remembers feeling “a lot of pressure” from the video task.

Reflecting on how he got into A Place in the Sun, Craig recalled how he developed a love for property after buying his first home at 25. 

“So I actually bought my first property when I was 25 – relatively young,” he commented.

“I bought it with my sister, she was only 21 at the time, so she was very young!

“And yeah, we bought together because we couldn’t afford to buy separately and we were paying a lot of money in rent as you do in London.

“So we clubbed together and bought just bought a little two-bed flat in northwest London.

“So my sort of interest in property started quite young, really.

“And then, you know, I renovated that and then I bought somewhere else and sold it and I did that a few times.

“So I had that interest in property for a long time. And then I sort of travelled a lot and I’ve that worked overseas.

“I lived in France and in Spain.  I’ve travelled and worked lots around Europe.

“And then also from my sort of mid-20s I got into TV production.

“So when I heard about the A Place in the Sun job, it kind of brought my love for property, travel and working in TV altogether.

“A lady I know who’s in an agency said: ‘I know that A Place in the Sun is looking for people.’

“So she asked me if I wanted her to put me forward and I said: ‘Yeah please go for it!’

“So she put me forward and the first thing you have to do is a 20-second video saying why you’d be a brilliant candidate for presenting A Place in the Sun.

“And 20 seconds… it is not very long! So I just sort of crammed in 20 seconds of why I thought I’d be good for it.

“And then I got invited to an audition and then ended up getting the job as well as Leah Charles King.

“So it was just really funny how it all just unfolded. It was clearly meant to be.”

Remembering the video, he added: “It was a lot of pressure, mine was 22 seconds I think!”

One of Craig’s most recent episodes to air was an important one because it was the first time the show has been able to travel far away since the pandemic.

It saw him jet off to Barbados to help Leslie and Ken to get the best of what their £350,000 could get them.

He talked about how moments from the episode were “very rewarding” for him.

A Place in the sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

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