All you need to know about Gemma Rose from Married At First Sight UK

MAFS: Matt walks out of dinner party after argument with Gemma

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Married At First Sight fans have enjoyed following Gemma and Matt on the 2022 series of the quirky dating show. While there was initial attraction from both sides, Matt could not keep up with Gemma’s desire for intimacy. has all you need to know about the new bride. 

Who is Gemma Rose from MAFS UK? 

The 2022 couples experienced the ultimate bombshell when two new couples entered the experiment to shake things up. 

One of the newlywed couples was Gemma and Matt, who both shared a love of tattoos and hairdressing. 

While they seemed to be the perfect match, Matt has been struggling to relate to his wife when it comes to talking about sex. 

Gemma admitted her sense of humour was often sex-orientated, but Matt did not seem to appreciate her forwardness. 

On more than one occasion, he was left wondering whether he wanted to stay with Gemma. 

The 30-year-old mum-of-two, from Newton Abbot, has since spoken out about setting the record straight after some particularly explosive episodes. 

She said on Instagram: “I’ll tell you all soon the parts you were not shown. Oh, how different the narrative would be. I’ll have my say.”

This comes after she and Matt fell out on their honeymoon when Gemma made some particularly explicit comments at a restaurant. 

She has not yet revealed whether she is still in a relationship with Matt, but all will be revealed later in the series.  

Away from the series, she has been enjoying quality time with her two children and shared a photo of the trio hugging. 

One fan commented: “Those boys are beautiful, they will always protect you xxxx”

The hairdresser also shared some behind-the-scenes photos of her family celebrating her marriage with her. 

She paid tribute to her mum, who showed her nothing but support on her big day. 

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She said: “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. My family and friends are my world.

“Sharing this day with them was magical. Hearing my friends talking and laughing with Matt before I went down the staircase to meet him was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

“My mum has been a constant support through the last year few years. Thankyou for supporting me.”

She ended up getting a tattoo to commemorate the special day and shared the meaning behind the ink on social media. 

She said: “The skeleton key to my heart. My amazing friend @fozisdead owns a studio in Torquay called @sevenhillstattoo. It’s been a place where I could get tattooed and be treated with kindness and always able to be myself.

“My sleeve on this side is joint effort of himself and @ashleycrowtattoo Ash tattooed the skeleton key for me and was so understanding of my reasons for taking part in the experiment.”

In her vows, Gemma said: “I actually got you a present, I got you a skeleton key. A skeleton key is supposed to open many doors but this one is the key to my heart.”

At her first dinner party with Matt, the pair ended up falling out as Matt continued to feel pressured by Gemma. He ended up walking out of the dinner party, saying she was not giving him the space he needs. 

MAFS UK airs from Monday to Thursday on E4, from 9pm. 

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