Call the Midwife’s Dr Turner star opens up about biggest storyline complaint

Stephen McGann discusses his role on Call The Midwife

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With the 12th series just around the corner and the Christmas special set to be an emotional one, Call The Midwife fans are eager to find out what happened after the tragic train crash, which involved Dr Turner and Sister Julienne (played by Jenny Agutter). Stephen recently opened up about his time on the show and admitted the one complaint he had to show writer and wife, Heidi Thomas.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the babies who were born on the show were fake babies which were disguised with blankets and the actors.

Now restrictions have lifted, the team have begun to start filming with real babies for the latest series, which many of the actors were delighted about.

Laura Main, who plays Dr Turner’s wife, Shelagh, revealed the excitement she felt when filming with a real baby again.

“I don’t want to give anything away about Christmas… but basically, I saw my hands on the monitor the other day, and I said, ‘I can’t believe that is me’.

“It was just my hands, but it was because it was a real baby again! Before, somebody would have been dressed as me, but this time it was me, and it took me by surprise.

“But I had that confidence, ten years of experience. They also make the babies look wet, but you can’t keep drenching them in water, so they are oiled,” she revealed at the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival.

Stephen joked: “Here is a slippery baby! They know I am soppy because I love a baby, I am one of those blokes, I couldn’t pick a baby up in the early years of my life.

“And then I had a child, and sometimes nurses and the midwifery nurses are like ‘Oh just give him the baby’ with the mums are eyeing me up still.”

Heidi added: “When I created the series, obviously we are married, and we have been for years, but he never ever in all this time commented on his storyline.

“That he didn’t like it or want more. The only thing he has ever said to me is ‘I haven’t held a baby in ages’.”

Giggling at the revelation, Stephen continued: “I held a baby last week, and I was like ‘Yay’. One of my favourite ones just before the pandemic started.

“Babies, as you suggested, do very unpredictable things, and a baby will come out of a mummy’s tummy in many ways but very rarely asleep.

“Sometimes the babies are so comfortable they are fast asleep, they are babies so you can’t wake them, and then everyone is around them like men around a motor engine, and they won’t wake up.

“My favourite one is, just as they wind down to tape, just as they count down, the baby just lets his bowels loose, just as I was meant to do a really long speech, and then smiles up at me.”

During season 11, Dr Turner and Sister Julienne suffered a tragic train crash which sent shockwaves through Nonnatus House.

He was pulled to safety by his son Timothy Turner (Max Macmillan) after alerting the emergency services.

Despite their injuries, the pair managed to survive after they were rushed to the hospital.

Speaking on the future of the show, Heidi explained: “We never get bored of it, after the Christmas special goes out every year, I have a glass of Bailey’s, and I think ‘How am I going to do that again?’

“The special is always welcomed and embraced, and then I start to do my research and email Pippa, and I’ll say, ‘You will never guess what I have just found out.

“I think as long as we have that response to the research material, we can keep on going, really.”

Call The Midwife series 1-11 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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