Dad told ‘go to hell’ as he admits he breeds XL Bully dogs for drug dealers

Iain Dale clashes with XL Bully breeder on LBC

A star host of LBC told a dad-of-six to “go to hell” after he admitted breeding XL Bully dogs to sell to drug dealers.

In the wake of recent dog attacks, like the one in Birmingham on Saturday which left three people in hospital, Iain Dale was visibly disgusted with his guest, in a clip posted on X, formerly Twitter.

The caller defended his decision, saying: “Iain, who’s going to put bread on the table for my family? I’ve got six kids.”

But Dale swiftly cut him off, telling him to “go to hell”. The man defended the dogs, suggesting it was the owners’ fault for attacks.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, the very vast majority of people who own these dogs [sic], not all, I’ll be honest, not all, but a lot of them walk around [without] leads,” he said.

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Dale hit back, saying “this has nothing to do [with leads]”, although he did backtrack a bit, admitting it “may have a little bit to do with leads”, but he implied there was a much bigger picture to consider.

The radio host then asked him: “When you decided to breed this type of dog, who did you want to sell them to and who did you sell them to?”

“Drug dealers, I’ll be absolutely honest Iain,” was the man’s swift response.

Dale admitted he was “tempted to end the call now”.

The dad then questioned why you “need a licence for a dog but not a cat”, prompting an exasperated look from Dale.

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X users were not impressed by the caller’s decisions, with some called for the American XL Bully dogs to face a ban.

@ChillaxBcn wrote: “No normal dog owner would ever want or need such a dog. Ban them.”

Others felt a different approach was necessary. “[This] is why we need to legislate against owners. Not dogs. The same type of people will just move onto another big breed and we will have the exact same issues”, argued @jo_marney.

But @suddenlife disagreed, writing: “My Labrador is about as likely to attack someone as I’m selected to become a NASA astronaut. However, some dogs are inherently aggressive and should at the minimum be muzzled when out of their homes.”

Since 2021, American Bully XL dogs have been responsible for 11 deaths (all in separate attacks) in the UK.

The NHS treated 8,655 dog bites in the year to last March, almost triple the numbers in 1999. It is thought that there are a few thousand pet American Bully XLs in the UK at the moment.

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