Dan Wootton erupts as hes accused of being a climate change denier

Dan Wootton shuts down GB News guest

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Broadcaster Amy Nickell locked horns with Dan Wootton on Thursday’s instalment of his GB News programme. The pair debated Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s calls to overthrow the West’s capitalist system but the conversation soon turned heated when Amy branded Dan a climate change denier. The New Zealander hit back at Amy’s accusation, claiming he was an environmentalist before she was even born. 

Dan, 39, began his show criticising Greta by telling viewers the climate change activist’s “dangerous capitalist agenda has been revealed and it must not be ignored by those who have wrongly put her on a woke pedestal”.

It comes in the wake of 19-year-old Greta deploring the West’s “obsession” with capitalism during a scathing rant while she was in London promoting her new book, named The Climate Book.

She called for a system-wide transformation adding: “We are never going back to normal again because ‘normal’ was already a crisis.

“What we refer to as normal is an extreme system built on the exploitation of people and the planet.”

Dan invited Dominique Samuels, Shaun Bailey and Amy to debate Greta’s recent outburst on his GB News programme, but it soon turned animated. 

Dan claimed Greta “is on the hard left and wants communism” to which commentator Dominique replied: “I’m glad she has finally said this but it didn’t take a genius to work out what the climate change lobby is about.”

However, as Dominique agreed with Dan’s earlier statement Amy scoffed and weighed in on the matter. 

Dan called Amy out by claiming she’s always using aeroplanes and doesn’t want to “live a life like Greta wants to prescribe for us”. 

However, Amy snapped back: “I think I just sighed because I feel you are still pushing this climate change denial – it’s a fact now.” 

Dan interjected, repeatedly asking her: “Sorry, how did I do that?”

Amy mocked Dan for claiming he was an environmentalist, but he fumed: “I am an environmentalist, I was an environmentalist before you were born.” 

Amy continued: “Do you think Greta wants to take away everything that is good?

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“The thing which is going to take away everything that is good is inaction on the climate and outing Greta…” 

A furious Dan chimed in: “I have got to correct you as you have just put a mistruth out by saying I was practising climate change denialism. 

“What did I say that denied climate change? Do you think we need to give up capitalism like Thunberg?”

The row between the pair continued to escalate, with Amy standing up for Greta.

Shaun appeared to agree with Dan as he questioned whether Greta was “being true about climate change or just trying to get her social agenda across”.

Amy clapped back, telling Shaun he didn’t know the “first thing about what Greta has achieved” if he meant what told GB News viewers. 

“She is the most selfless activist doing everything – she doesn’t even fly, she goes around the world on boats,” Amy stressed. 

Dan Wootton Tonight continues on weeknights at 9pm on GB News. 

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