Doctors spoilers: Cathy exits after racism showdown

Bad news everyone!

Doctors is breaking off for its summer break on Thursday June 24. But there’s also good news: the show will be returning in September.

Plus, in the meantime, everything’s building up to an exciting end-of-season climax.

Tensions are certainly rising everywhere.

New temp nurse, Cathy Jenkins (Laura Bayston) has received a cold welcome from all the staff.

This is unsurprising as everyone knows she is strongly suspected of being racist following her mistreatment of Bear’s (Dex Lee) mother during her recent illness.

Cathy gets very upset over this and plans to walk out but is talked out of it by Ruhma (Barti Patel) who points out that quitting now might damage her future career.

The staff remain concerned about Cathy’s presence, however. Sid (Ashley Rice) disagrees with Daniel (Matthew Chambers) and Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) over the issue, while Ruhma warns that Cathy feels like a victim of workplace bullying.

Things get even worse, however, as Cathy’s behaviour provokes a clash with Sid and a complaint from a patient.

Finally, Cathy has it out with Bear who explains to her, calmly and professionally why Cathy’s behaviour towards his mother was totally unacceptable and racist.

Bear argues his mother could have died as a result of Cathy’s actions.

Cathy won’t accept this and leaves forever. She even manages to fall out with Ruhma as she does so.

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