Doctors spoilers: Valerie breaks the rules as she smuggles schoolgirl into event

As we all know, Valerie (Sarah Moyle) takes her responsibilities as Official Mascot of the Letherbridge Commonwealth Games very seriously.

This week, she arguably takes things a bit too far when she helps to smuggle schoolgirl, Clara (India Lily Cooper) into the games venue illegally in a bid to see a real-life famous athlete.

Things get out of hand when Valerie runs into another mascot, Lee Cunliff (Charlie Partridge) also known as the Boreham Bunny. Valerie’s cover is blown.

Later, a social media post about the incident gives Valerie cause for concern. Emma (Dido Miles) and Al (Ian Midlane) both try to reassure her.

But Valerie grows very worried as she is called before the Letherbridge Games Committee.

Could her brief but glorious reign as Leona the Lion be about to come to a premature end?

In another story, we meet married couple, Jenny and Liam Nicholson (Victoria Wicks and John Bowler).

We soon learn that Jenny is driving her husbandup the wall with her obsession with ironing out the detailed intricacies of the plot of the book she’s currently working on.

On meeting her, however, Al Haskey is troubled by her symptoms. Could Jenny be being poisoned?

Elsewhere, Jimmi (Adrian Lewis Morgan) becomes drawn into a case concerning Charlie (Simon Meacock) a homeless man who has been involved in a serious incident.

Charlie seems very confused and DS Mike Kinsella (Danny Szam) assumes he is drunk. Jimmi is not so sure: he suspects something else is going on…

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