Home & Away sees Justin and Leah kidnap horror, Dana exposed and Rose heartache

Home and Away fans can expect more drama as the season finale of the Channel 5 soap arrives next week.

Leah is worried about heading on a luxury hotel getaway with Justin as the tension continues between Marilyn and Roo. But Marilyn insists there’s nothing to worry about and persuades them to depart.

The trip takes a devastating turn when its revealed their relaxing weekend getaway was a setup by the cult Vita Nova, and they have been left alone in a warehouse to die. In a bid to escape, Justin clambers to the top of a ladder and begins scaling the rafters of the abandoned factory.

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But the scrap metal he’s using to cross comes crashing down on top of him, leaving Leah hysterical and Justin unconscious. "The End Is Near" is graffitied on the wall as the couple fight for their lives.

Leah carefully removes the weight of debris from Justin’s chest, and he struggles to breath. As cradles Justin for perhaps for the last time, she asks him to marry her.

Elsewhere, Dana heads for an interview when she hears Roo is hiring for a new nurse. When Roo questions why she left her last job, Dana discloses the truth surrounding her accusations of stealing of drugs from her hospital workplace.

Not wanting Marilyn around, Roo hires Dana and makes it clear that Marilyn should gather the rest of her clothes, her possessions, and go. When Dana arrives, she finds a distressed and evicted Marilyn, who begs her to report back with updates about Roo.

Irene catches Dana up on the complicated situation between Marilyn and Roo. Later, she stumbles across Roo in a delicate state and reports back to Marilyn that while Roo is stubborn, she still needs her friend.

When Marilyn turns up at Roo's, she realises Dana has been reporting to Marilyn. Roo permits Dana to remain in her new job, but Marilyn declares she will bow out of the picture for good, giving Roo the space she has asked for.

Across the Bay, Zara begins to get in the way of Rose and Mali as she makes it clear that they were each other's first love. When Rose leaves, Zara stays up late trying to convince him of their potential together.

When Zara continues to put the pressure on Mali and Rose’s relationship, Xander runs interference so Mali and Rose can talk, but it backfires when he gives away far more than intended. Later, Zara calls in the big guns and passes Mali a phone with his mother on the line.

Mali is reminded of his obligation to friends and family, and the expectation to host Zara. He tries to explain his predicament to Rose, but she's bewildered that Zara has been welcomed to stay under Mali’s roof as long as she wants.

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