Emmerdale spoilers: Baby deceit, reluctant Ryan and Chas struggles

Secrets are out and plans are made in Emmerdale next week, as we look at each episode in our in depth guide.

Wedding bells are set to ring for Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) as they announce some big news.

And, meanwhile, things are getting on top of Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

Here’s what you need to know.

Monday September 25

With Gail’s secret now out, how will Ryan and Gail move forward with the weight of her secret?

Fraught Chloe tells stunned Amy she thinks she’s pregnant again. When Mack returns later and catches Chloe ordering a test on her phone, he’s speechless to think she is pregnant again.

After she lays out her pregnancy evidence, Mack’s elation goes into overdrive and he proposes to speechless Chloe, who giddily accepts.

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TuesdaySeptember 26

Mack and Chloe reveal their engagement and pregnancy news to close friends. As Chloe heads to the toilet feeling caught out, Mack prepares for a grilling from his friends and family.

Soon fending off Moira’s concerns about his rushed engagement, Mack heads to the bar where Nate sees right through to his desire for another kid.

Meanwhile, Chloe reveals to Amy that her period has arrived. Later that day when excitable Mack talks lovingly about their unborn child, Chloe can’t tell him there is no baby.

Believing Mack won’t want her without the baby, upset  Chloe is consoled by confused Amy at Keepers. She remains in turmoil at the fear of losing Mack as Amy does her best to console her sister. 

Wednesday  September 27

Manpreet and Ethan both take the day off to help reluctant Claudette with funeral planning.

Manpreet does her best to encourage Claudette, and there is a moment of genuine affection between them as they agree to push through to the funeral. 

Guilty Chloe admits the truth to Mack but how will he react? 

Thursday September 28

Struggling with the weight of the secret, Manpreet leaves Charles a voicemail, begging him to return to the village.

Charles arrives home, unable to run any longer. After some attempts to build up to the truth, Claudette singing Charles’ virtues means he can’t bring himself to tell her and instead guiltily slinks out.

Troubled to see Charles drinking so liberally in the Woolpack, Tom watches as a black cloud descends over him.

After trying to sympathise with Charles, Tom only riles him up more. Charles lashes out and Tom retorts, but soon finds himself pinned to the bar by Charles, to the shock of all onlookers.

After threats and placations all around, the arrival of Charles’ family finally snaps him out of his rage to release Tom.

As Charles flees, his family are concerned. Catching up to him, Manpreet begs Charles to tell the truth but will she be able to get through to him? 

Chas and Paddy are grateful to be united as they explain Paddy and Mandy’s relationship to Eve but later Chas struggles to hide her jealousy.

Tom’s excitement is completely devastated when Belle tells him she can’t move in with him yet.

Friday September 29

Marlon reassures Chas that she is a good mother and that Eve will always love her.

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